Importance of sinusitis in children

Importance of sinusitis in children

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Sinusitis, which is well known in adults, is a common disease in children but it is often overlooked and neglected. Assoc. Dr. Erhun Şerbetçi, “Sinusitis does not neglect. It can lead to inflammation of the middle ear or chronic lung problems that can result in hearing loss. ”

The fact that the immune system is not fully developed in children, allergic tendencies are frequently seen and upper respiratory infections are more common makes them more prone to sinusitis, which means inflammation of the air cavities in the nasal cavity and the facial bones. In addition, adenoid tissue called nasal flesh seen among children and disrupting the cleansing of the sinuses as a microbial focus or mass effect can lead to the formation of children's sinusitis. Otorhinolaryngologist Assoc. Dr. Erhun Şerbetçi, “Child sinusitis starts after the age of 3 and can be seen frequently until the age of 7-8. There is an increase in the incidence of children when they start kindergarten or primary school. You need to take it seriously. Otherwise, it causes many diseases, from hearing loss to chronic lung problems. ”

Attention to Nasal Obstruction!
Assoc. Dr. Dr. Erhun Şerbetçi, the most important symptoms of children's sinusitis, nasal congestion, nasal speech, nose and nasal discharge, stubborn coughs, frequent colds and flu to be said, and thoughtfulness - attention defects, such as complaints, he says. If the symptoms last for more than 10 days, you should take precautions. Bet If the symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection last more than 10 days, there is a sinus involvement, and if these symptoms persist for three months, sinusitis has become chronic, Ş he says.

Side Effects of Sinusitis Should Be Taken Seriously
Dr. Şerbetçi said that if the pediatric sinusitis were not fully developed, they would cause many serious side effects in the case of inflammation, as well as adults. they may also cause complications. Today, the treatment of pediatric sinusitis can be treated with appropriate antibiotics and adjuncts in a sufficient time. ”

Diagnosis of Pediatric Sinusitis Very Easy
Nowadays, the diagnosis of pediatric sinusitis is very easy, the nose and nasal cavity can be brought to the eye with fine endoscopic examination that they provide Assoc. Dr. The sherbet says:
Klasik In the diagnosis of pediatric sinusitis, classical x-ray examinations are no longer performed. Endoscopic examination, which can be performed under surgery conditions and without any discomfort to the child, can not only determine the presence and size of the nasal flesh but also the exact size. Thus, the treatment decision can be made appropriately. If a nasal flesh is detected during the endoscopic examination, it may be necessary to perform a nasal flesh surgery. However, most pediatric sinusitis are treated with appropriate medication. Natural methods such as sea water are also recommended. In some cases of hereditary and allergic reasons, close follow-up is successful today. Very rarely, small patients may need sinusitis surgery, polyp development or complications. The operation of pediatric sinusitis should be performed by new endoscopic methods and by specially trained and experienced specialists bu

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