How to control if your appetite is very clear?

How to control if your appetite is very clear?

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The biggest trap for night snacks, excess weight and unnecessary calorie intake. Because evening metabolism slows down; sleep process is the period in which metabolism works at the lowest rate. So consuming large amounts of calories in the late hours sabotages your diet. “In the evening, the appetite monster wakes up, I find myself in front of the fridge as soon as I wake up from dinner. These are the typical sentences of people who consume a small amount of calories during the day but have difficulty in controlling their appetite when they are evening.Meal irregularity triggers evening hunger If you can't stop yourself at the moment you stop eating all day and start eating in the evening, you need to change your diet. Do not skip breakfast, eat full cereal at lunch, be sure to eat only salads, only grilled meat type of protein in the evening to empty your sugar store and more hunger will return to you. Therefore, every meal protein and healthy carbohydrates with you. Be careful not to go home too late. For example, the person who does not eat breakfast in the morning and passes the afternoon with a bagel or fork, who eats fruit in the evening, will always want to eat and snack during the evening and all night. In this type of diet, the need to eat constantly in the evening is already a normal response of the body.According to Dilara Koçak, an expert dietitian, she gives an example of the right menu to control evening hunger:Morning: 1 slice of bread + cheese or 1 glass of milk + 2 apricotsSearch: 1 fruit or ayranLunch: salad + grill + 1 slice of bread or 1 toast + ayranSearch: half bagel + cheese or 1 toastEvening: vegetable + yogurt + 1 slice of bread or grill + salad + 3 spoons of bulgurSearch: 1 handful chickpeas + 1 fruit +10 nutsWatch out for sleep!Your body sometimes produces hormones and chemicals that make you feel hungry or feel full. Studies have shown that insomnia causes these hormones to change and increase appetite. If you eat slowly you will realize that you are saturatedTake time for your meals. Sit down at a table, relax and turn off the TV. If you eat slowly, you will realize that you are saturated and do not want to eat more.Salad, yes!Eating a salad before lunch or dinner is a very powerful way to prevent you from eating too much. If you don't like salad, it's possible to be a little more creative. For example, instead of belly salad and carrots you can opt for plenty of spinach, apples, nuts and radishes. You can mix your favorite vegetables and fruits according to your taste. Of course, you should make sure that your salad is lean or low-fat.You should not avoid boredom or eat yourself.Many emotions like loneliness, distress reward, love gap, sadness, anger mix with hunger. If you have a feeling that after a stressful day you are tired and deserve a good meal, you should review it. Food should not be the only way to reward yourself.Arrays weight gainAccording to a study, a criminal of women's excess weight is the popular series. A woman can't resist watching her favorite series for the tenth time. In order to make the series watching action more enjoyable, of course he cannot separate the snacks from the side. The most dangerous part is having dinner in front of the TV. Because this meal is much longer than usual. If you want to eat something in front of TV, you should turn to healthy options such as yogurt and fruit.

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