Children and tennis

Children and tennis

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Tennis has been known as a rich sport for a long time, and today it has become a game that many people love.

According to experts, this sport, which contributes greatly to the mental and physical development of children, continues to attract the attention of families. We wanted to remind you once again about the points you should pay attention to when sending your children to the tennis school in this article that we have prepared for families who want to pay attention to the advertisements of the tennis school that we often see around us especially in the summer months.

Important note: Please do not send your children to a tennis course before the age of 5. Because the level of development of a child under 5 years is not suitable for this type of sport.

The benefits of playing tennis for your child:

• Your child will have the opportunity to improve body balance.
• Hand-arm-eye coordination will be improved and motor development will be improved accordingly.
• Individual and group play opportunities will allow the child to experience different social experiences.
• Develop your child's attention and focus skills.

Determine your child's trainer after evaluating these questions…

1. Is your child's coach enthusiastic enough on the court?
2. Can he put himself in your child's place and understand how he feels?
3. Is he active during the course or does he participate in the studies?
4. Creative?
5. Can he communicate well with you?
6. Does he care enough about your child?
7. Can you reach your coach when you need it?
8. Does it use modern tennis advancement techniques?

Pay attention to these points at the tennis school where you sent your child…
(Tennis Coach Ali Ayaz's suggestions)

• In a tennis school, if the children line up in the line of single or doubles, hit a couple of balls in front of the teacher and go back again, this is the FACIAD. If a child can play tennis this way, kiss him on the forehead. If you're sending your child to a tennis school like this to learn tennis, you can't do anything better to cool it down. If the child is full of energy and you need a nursery, if you say that the nursery intends to hit the ball twice. But just because it's cheap, if you want a good club team and friendship, you'll probably be disappointed.
• If you are in a tennis school with a sullen face, getting busy with students, shouting at children unnecessarily, skip. A teacher, who does not smile at children, cannot use his seductiveness and waits for hours to pass.
• If the warm-up time at the tennis school exceeds the playing time, the instructors are looking forward to passing the time.
• Teachers brainwash children with robotic movements that we always say, and if the child has whatever power to get past, it is not possible to expect success from that child.

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