Fear of birth ways to cope!

Fear of birth ways to cope!

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Pregnancy means an exciting wait for all women. However, some women cannot enjoy this beautiful period with the fear of birth. International Hospital İstanbul Psychiatrist Dr.Ali Ayas offers some suggestions to expectant mothers.

: Does each expectant mother avoid birth? Is this normal?
Dr. Ali Ayas: The exciting and often hopeful process that starts with learning about pregnancy for almost every expectant mother can sometimes give way to a worried expectation as the birth approaches.

: In what sense is fear of birth used?
Dr. Ali Ayas: The fear of birth seen in some pregnant women is in fact meant to be afraid of eylem giving birth s and the pains to be experienced in the meantime. Experiences learned in this regard from family elders or women who have already given birth in the neighborhood, and often transmitted exaggeratedly, lead many expectant mothers to a tense expectation. Some women may have an early anxiety by imagining the moment of birth as a nightmare over and over.

: What kind of fears do mothers who will have a cesarean section?
Dr. Ali Ayas: Nowadays, most of the births are done by cesarean section. Therefore, fear of birth; women who know that such a possibility or cesarean section will become the concern of surgery. Some mothers; he is worried that he will not be able to wake up after anesthesia, and that he will suffer a lot after the operation, and that perhaps he cannot pay enough attention to his baby. Whereas; Cesarean section is a very short operation and if the doctor's recommendations are applied, the patient will stand up in a few days. Our suggestion is that mothers who have concerns about cesarean section should ask all their questions to their supervising physicians. Because many of the concerns stem from inadequate information.

: How can spouses help mothers?
Dr. Ali Ayas:Spouses can read articles about birth together. She can attend birth preparation courses on this subject. Spouses should enter the delivery room together if possible. Having a spouse in the delivery room can comfort the expectant mother.

: What are your suggestions to expectant mothers?
Dr. Ali Ayas:
• Delivery time (depending on the number of births) is up to 12-14 hours. Moreover, only a few hours of this 12-14 hours will pass with an intense discomfort. Every second you spend with the pain brings you closer to your baby.
• Be sure to do the breathing and relaxation exercises your doctor will teach you like a homework. Remember, these exercises will give you less pain by loosening the muscles that push the baby out at birth.
• Remember, this is not the end, but rather the first moments of a long life that you will share with a life that breaks with you. Your baby's first breath and the crying sound you will hear from behind will instantly make you forget all the pain.
• Aim to prepare for birth, not a painless birth.

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