Normal birth is the most natural!

Normal birth is the most natural!

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There are many words to encourage the present-day woman who gave up unnecessary surgery and who gave up her normal birth due to her anxiety. “Birth is natural.”, “Birth is the wisdom of the woman.”, “Birth is renewed… mümkün It is possible to reproduce these words! However, it is not possible to convince all women with these words. At least the statistics show that Turkish women are not convinced. With cesarean section, we are in the top 3 in the world at birth rate. The World Health Organization says the cesarean rate should be limited to 15 percent. The rate in our country is 45 percent!
So why did we get so far away from the idea of ​​normal birth? Hypnotherapy, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Ayşe Duman said that the fear of birth stems from the thoughts in the woman's mind. He actually lives it. Because pain is focused on pain; pain and waited for pain and constituted negative hypnosis. When the mother begins to perceive the birth as a difficult event, happy excitement turns into anxious expectations. In fact, all the expectant mothers should do is expect the birth with joy and excitement that she learned about her pregnancy. Anxious, anxious expectations spoil the program like a virus and adversely affect the natural process. ”

Kiss. Dr. Ayşe Duman states that this is possible with a holistic birth approach. Holistic birth approach is a medical approach that includes effective and scientific natural methods as well as the diagnosis and treatment methods of modern medicine. The aim is to treat the problems from the origin of the soul and the body to the origin.

Improve your mind, give birth more easily!

So what is happening, the expectant mother cannot enjoy the peace of pregnancy and the birth? Women's perception of femininity, ability to take responsibility, self-confidence, self-esteem, perfectionism, self-confidence, emotionality and subconscious structure formed by what they see hepsi All of these affect the perception of life as well as the reaction to the events and affect the joy of the mother to live the miracle of birth. Kiss. Dr. Duman explains: “In order to listen to the problems of the woman's pregnancy, we should turn listening listening into an opportunity to change." With Holistic Approach to Birth program program we use mental healing techniques, it is possible to offer mothers the opportunity they need. ”

Healthy mind, pleasant birth

The holistic approach to birth program enables the expectant mother to become reconciled with the female identity and learn to run all the programs in her body to enjoy the femininity. The aim is to raise awareness of ann motherhood en among the programs that make women a woman. Living motherhood improves family ties in a positive way in the child-mother relationship. So how does all this happen? The answer to the question is Op. Dr. Ayşe Duman gives:
In the program, E.F.T (Emotional Emancipation) auto-hypnosis, imagination, prayer, awareness studies, mothers find the chance to work with their subconscious negative hypnosis and put an end to their fears and protect their own births. This has 3 steps:
• What is the birth or not is learned correctly.
• The beliefs that have been kept as fear patterns for years are erased and the techniques of placing the right information are taught.
• The expectant mother is able to meet the birth process with joy and manage the birth.

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