Energy, protein, fat contents of foods

Energy, protein, fat contents of foods

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By looking at this table you can easily see which food contains less calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. For example; Would it ever occur to you that light beer and a double whiskey would contain the same calories? Isn't it too bad that alcohol contains energy without nutritional values?
Is it new information for you that meat does not contain carbohydrates? Dried legumes contain as much protein as meat How lucky is our country? Did you know that when you look at the fish, the lowest calorie contains sea bass?
Or do you think that calorie bomb fastfood foods contain such high fat and energy?
Who said fruits and vegetables do not contain energy lest you can eat unlimited. 1 apple and 1 egg are almost the same calories. But they have different nutrients. Therefore, individuals need to consult with nutritionists about how much food they can eat.

Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Food NameQuantity (g)Energy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
Beer (normal)1 bottle1501310
Beer (light)1 bottle95510
Vodka, whiskey1 double95000
Red wine1 glass75300
White wine1 glass80300
Soda1 bottle0000
Coke (normal)1 box1604100
Coke (diet)1 box1000
Coffee, tea (simple)1 trophy0000
Prepared fruit juice1 box852200
Milk and milk products
Food NameQuantity (g)Energy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
Edirne cheeseUp to 1 karper710.24.55.5
Urfa cheeseUp to 1 karper940.064.57.9
Oily white p.Up to 1 karper8506.76.5
Lean white pUp to 1 karper301.15.72.5
Cheddar cheeseUp to 1 karper1210.58.19.6
Cream Cheese1 teaspoon1050.82.310.5
Herby cheeseUp to 1 karper980.168.2
CheddarUp to 1 karper115079
mozzarellaUp to 1 karper80166
parmesanUp to 1 karper1301129
Milk fat1 cup1501188
Milk low fat1 cup1201285
Skim milk1 cup901283
Ice cream (normal)2 balls10012.526
Ice cream (low fat)2 balls901225
Yogurt (normal)1 cup1501188
Meat Group, Eggs and Legumes
Food NameQuantity (g)Energy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
Eggs 1 piece1 piece80166
Egg whites1 piece150.530
Egg yolk1 piece650.536
Shrimp3 tablespoons1001211
Sardinia5 pieces1750209
ShieldUp to 3 meatballs193014.514.5
SwordUp to 3 meatballs165026.35.6
PerchUp to 3 meatballs930192
BonitoUp to 3 meatballs1680247.5
MackerelUp to 3 meatballs1600227.5
Beef leanUp to 3 meatballs1700199
Beef fatUp to 3 meatballs32502226
Lamb meat low fatUp to 3 meatballs20502213
Sausage2 pieces1802716
Salami2 slices1451811
Chicken BreastUp to 4 meatballs2202319
Turkey black meatUp to 4 meatballs1600246
Lentil1 bowl full21538161
Haricot bean1 bowl full23042161
Soy Beans1 bowl full235192010
Food NameQuantity (g)Energy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
Apple1 medium size802100
Fresh apricots3 pieces501210
the nectar2 small size1403610
Avocado1 piece30512430
Banana1 piece1052711
Blackberry1 bowl751811
Raspberry1 bowl802011
Melon1 bowl902220
Dried figs10 units47512262
Grapefruit1 piece802020
Grape10 units35900
Kiwi1 piece451110
Lemon1 piece15510
Mango1 bowl1353511
Watermelon1 slice1553532
Orange1 piece11026319
Peach1 piece351010
Pear1 piece1002511
Pineapple1 bowl751911
Strawberry1 bowl451011
Mandarin1 piece35910
Food NameQuantity (g)Energy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
White bread1 thin slice651221
Mixed grain1 thin slice651221
Oat bread1 thin slice651221
Household biscuits1 piece1001325
French Bread1 thin slice1001831
Italian bread1 thin slice851730
Pita bread1 piece1653361
Bread with raisins1 thin slice701322
Wheat bread1 thin slice701331
Bulgur rice2 tablespoons1101525
Rice2 tablespoons1101525
House cake (plain)1 thin slice21530310
Crackers with cheese10 units506013
Unsalted popcorn1 bowl30610
Chestnut3 pieces651221
Food NameQuantity (g)Energy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
Almond1 bowl795282770
Hazelnut1 bowl740161676
Peanut1 bowl840273971
Sunflower seeds1 cup of tea560202447
Walnut½ bowl651161464
pistachio½ bowl594191954
Vegetables (cooked amounts)
Food NameQuantity (g)Energy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
Artichoke1 piece551230
Asparagus1 bowl45851
Green beans1 bowl451002
Broccoli1 bowl501041
Carrot1 piece30710
Cabbage1 bowl20410
Cauliflower1 bowl30620
Cucumber6 pieces5100
Eggplant1 bowl25610
Lettuce1 bowl20420
Mushroom1 bowl20310
Onion1 bowl20310
Chard10 sheets5110
Potato1 medium size2205150
Spinach1 bowl40750
Tomato1 large size25510
broad bean1 bowl25620
Brussels sprouts1 bowl601341
Fast Food
Food NameEnergy (calories)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Oil (g)
Meat Burger Sandwich760523546
Burger sandwich with double meat1060525969
Fish burger sandwich710662439
Chicken burger sandwich580483926
Large French Fries50063625
Fried medium size onion folk.48060723
Fried dough with apples34052214
Medium Vanilla Shake720731541
Medium Coke2308200
6 pieces fried chicken wing471182733

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