The role of the father in baby care

The role of the father in baby care

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From the period of pregnancy, all the information and exercise studies are now showing interest in fathers, being a father is no longer a process that begins after birth. The father is not only the person who supports the mother in terms of vital needs, but also actively participates in all kinds of development of the baby. Many fathers are now voluntarily involved in this change, which was initially imposed by circumstances.
It does not mean contributing to the time spent with the baby, but trying to be an important part of the relationship. Changing alters, feeding, and assisting the transition to sleep makes the father an important emotional interaction tool as much as the mother.

Talking with the baby, making eye contact and touching the baby will strengthen the bond between them while all these procedures are in progress. Of course, it is our children who will benefit the most from the change of roles in our traditional structure. Parents should be in common sharing since the first days of the baby, which will also help to strengthen the functions of the families. We observe that the problems are overcome more difficult in families where responsibilities are focused on people.

While fathers were not given much care in the past, gender was also taken into consideration in establishing the relationship between father and child. It was thought that the girl should be close to the mother and that the father did not play an important role in her decisions. Fathers who bought clothes for their daughter were less common. However, we see that fathers who contribute to their care better know their babies and obtain information about their sex more easily. In all these processes, we should know that it is the most important achievement of the parents to make the baby feel that they are standing at equal distance. It is certain that the relationships of family members who trust their parents equally, share their mutual feelings and thoughts with them and know each other in a real sense will be stronger. All shares will help to model parents as role models. These processes, which are seen as simple and daily needs, will also help to understand and express emotions.

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