Pregnancy needs peace

Pregnancy needs peace

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All doctors tell mothers to avoid stress. But this is not as easy as it is supposed to be. Pregnant mothers who are worried about herself and her child, who are afraid of childbirth and who cannot take care of her baby are looking for peace…

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr Bülent Uran “In fact, pregnancy is an opportunity for a woman to change her lifestyle. However, very few women can evaluate it. Interestingly, for example, some women stop smoking during pregnancy, but begin to smoke again when breastfeeding is over. It doesn't make it permanent. However, pregnancy is a good time to gain new and correct habits and find peace. ”

Is the interest in pregnant women sufficient for peace?

Dr. Bülent Uran says that attention does not always bring peace, “We doctors say that changes in pregnancy are normal, we try to comfort the patient, but having comfortable information and feeling really comfortable and having a peaceful pregnancy is certainly and certainly not the same thing. Ya : There are many negative psychological factors created by pregnancy. If she's working, it's hard to come to work. There is a risk of delay in labor after birth. There may be financial problems. He is concerned that he cannot adequately meet the baby's needs. If she is going to start working again after the birth, she will feel guilty in advance in her pregnancy because she will leave her baby alone. Anxiety about life-threatening at birth does not disappear until birth is healthy. As stress and restlessness increase, physical problems begin to increase. It is known that stress in pregnancy is the cause of many physical problems observed during pregnancy. Stress has an important role in the emergence of preterm birth, pregnancy blood pressure and gestational diabetes ”

Chronic Stress leads to developmental delay in the baby…

“Stress is nothing more than a sense of energy accumulated in the body and vibrating in the face of different events, Dr. said Dr. Bülent Uran ı We need to know that it is not possible to get rid of stress without eliminating these registered circuits in the nervous system. Chronic stress, expressed as a state of constant stress, is very harmful for both the mother and the baby. Secreted adrenaline in case of chronic stress reduces the blood supply of the baby. In this case, developmental delay in the baby begins. The weakening of the immune system makes the mother susceptible to diseases. In pregnancy, the immune system is already weakened, especially during the first months of pregnancy. Adding to this weakness is the reduction of immunity caused by chronic stress, and the health of both the mother and the baby is endangered. Chronic stress is also effective in pregnancy high blood pressure, which occurs in the later months of pregnancy. Konuş

Stay away from stress! But how?

Dr. Uran told everyone that he told the expectant mother to stay away from stress, but it wasn't that easy. Of course, the expectant mother also wants to relax, but she can't. At this point, trainings blended with auto hypnosis and EFT techniques are going on. For example, I had a 6-7 month pregnant patient. His father died of a heart attack. Immediately thereafter, very severe preterm labor began. The drugs didn't cut her pains too much. I applied hypnosis to this patient who came to me urgently one evening. I loosened up and gave him suggestions that his pain would go away. I taught him a simple auto-hypnosis technique and suggested that he do it often. During her hypnosis session, her contractions disappeared ”.

The unborn baby is affected by the feelings of the mother…

Dr. Bülent Uran said, “The belly does not only involve physical hazards for the baby. It also causes negative feelings in the mother to flow to the baby in the form of an energy wave. It is known that negative emotions in the womb play a role in many negative and non-healing diseases. If these negative feelings accumulated in the womb continue to feed after birth, it is inevitable that a person who looks at life negatively in the coming years will inevitably emerge. It is not only a negative minister but an easy patient. ”

You can't get rid of stress by thinking…

When there are accumulated emotions in the body and they vibrate, the effect of stress on the body cannot be eliminated by only thinking and avoiding the events thought to cause stress. To eliminate this effect of stress, patience, serious and knowing what he is doing, feeling-based studies are needed. Bülent Uran explains the details of the program: “We are working with pregnant women who have completed their third month in this 8-part program. Through 4-month studies, we tell mothers how to cope with all the anxiety and negative emotions that vibrate during pregnancy and teach them techniques. The program's heavy balls EFT and auto hypnosis. Our goal is to cover not only the mother side of pregnancy but also the baby side. Therefore, it aims to save the future of the baby by clearing negative emotions in the mother. I don't believe that no matter how difficult the next life of a baby who doesn't get negative emotions from the womb, his back will come to the ground easily kolay

Clear negative emotions, strengthen your bond with your baby.

Dr. Bülent Uran “Subconscious emotions are a wall drawn between your physical body and your soul. It is not easy to vibrate the energy of love, the representation of your soul, without destroying this wall. The energy of love, which will be revealed again within you, will positively affect the development of the baby's tissues. The love that will flow from your soul to the baby's soul will cause your baby to be born safely into this world. The last one I worked with was a pregnant lady who really embraced and practiced this philosophy. After the baby was born, he was so calm and peaceful that those who saw him thought that there was something wrong with the baby. But the baby was peaceful and did not want to confirm this by crying because he felt his mother's love energy at any moment. Huzurlu

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