Car seat recommendations for your child

Car seat recommendations for your child

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According to experts, until the child reaches one meter in length, the car must be placed in a special seat to travel. However, most car seats appear to be inadequate to protect the child, even at accidents as low as 35 km / h. You need to be careful when choosing.

About car seats
Baby car seat: Also called a baby carrier. It is placed in the rear seat of your car with the rear facing. Designed for babies weighing up to 9-10 pounds. Most have a removable base underneath. In this way, without having to remove the baby from the seat, you can separate the seat from the base and walk around with you as the main lap. It is a nice option for babies who fall asleep in the car.

Changeable seat: The child should be placed facing backwards until the child reaches the desired weight and height. Its name reflects its ability to be readjusted in future periods.
Upgradeable seat: for children from 30 to 80 kg, but does not offer the possibility to use the car's standard adult seat belt.

What should be considered when buying a car seat?
Car seat base
The baby car seat has a base and seat. The base is secured to the car seat by means of a seat belt and the seat is secured to the base. Having a fixed base is a great convenience for inserting and removing the baby from the carriage.
Travel systems
If you plan to buy a stroller with a car travel system, see which car seat is sold with the stroller and fits your needs. You can also check whether a baby car seat is compatible with baby carriages.
Comfort and design
Although all car seats are designed for the same purpose, your individual needs can help you decide which seat is best for you. If you want a portable seat (ie a baby car seat based), check that the car seats you are looking at are too heavy. Lift the seat with and without the base. If you are looking for a replaceable baby car seat; you should also check whether the seat belt, clips and other parts that need to be adjusted are useful.
Lock system

Another innovation in car seat restraint systems is the 'lock system' or 'fastening belts' for children. This system not only offers changes for car seats, but also changes for vehicles. Cars with a locking system have a metal bar between the vehicle's rear seat and cushion. Parents attach the baby car seat to this metal bar using special fasteners. It is easier to install the car seats safely because it does not require a seat belt.
Equipment of your car

If you think that installing your baby's car seat between the lock system and the car seat adjustments is child's play, you're wrong. Despite clear labeling, the installation of car seats is not yet smooth. Because each car seat is applied to each car in a different way and every person has a different understanding of security.

When installing your child's car seat with a seat belt: Pull the seat belt as far as you can and wait for it to lock. Then let it rewind until it is tight. Use your knee or sit on the couch to be as necessary as possible. After completing the installation, try moving the seat forward and backward. If you can move back and forth more than two and a half centimeters, the slack is too high.

Securing your child

Positioning the seat belt depends on the size of your baby and whether the seat is facing backwards or forwards. With the rear facing, the belt ties should be at the bottom or center, with the locking points on the shoulders or below the shoulders. When facing forward, the belt ties should be in the middle or top, with the locking points on the shoulders or above the shoulders. Breast fasteners should be at the level of the nipples, not at the level of the baby's neck or stomach. After you have finished installing the car seat, it is best to ask someone who knows and check that you have placed your baby correctly in the seat and that the locks are installed in the right places.

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