3. Tips for Organizing Birthday Parties by Age

3. Tips for Organizing Birthday Parties by Age

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Zero Age: Baby Shower Parties!

Baby Shower Parties to celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family. In these parties where the excitement of the expectant mother who has spent the last days of pregnancy is shared, there are weeks before the arrival of the baby. So the color of the party is either pink or blue!
Baby Shower is a great opportunity to celebrate the baby's arrival and have fun. The most important aim of the party is to support the mother with her needs that will increase rapidly with the arrival of the baby. The baby shower party also receives the “gift rain“, the English equivalent of its name.

The main theme of this party is to give a gift, and when this happens, it is up to the arkadaş best friend düzenle to organize the party.

We will have a few warnings to the “best friend ecek who will organize the party:

• If you are determined to have a surprise party, first set the date. (So ​​choose one day, so that the mother of the surprise baby shower can come, there is no other job / doctor control - this is the first thing that really needs to be checked when preparing the party.)

• You have decided the number of guests and who you are. Don't forget to write on the invitation that this is a surprise party. A talkative (!) Guest can ruin a sack of figs!

• Do not delay too much. The baby may behave sooner than you.

1st Year Birthday Parties - Great Birds!

Let's be honest. Your child's 1st year birthday party is actually a celebration of ol being a parent…… And it must be celebrated with a nice party.

On that day, take care to photograph your child with each of your guests. This is the most meaningful thank you note you send to your loved ones who are with you in this special celebration after the party!

• We recommend shooting lots of videos and photos. Age 1 is a birthday party you will never forget, but movies and photos are the only way to pass on the memories of your first birthday to your child.

• Firsts are always ideal for starting a tradition.

Get a albüm birthday album üzere for use up to 12 years old. (It is highly likely that you will not be present at celebrations later this age!) Identify several “photographic compositions” to shoot in the same way each year (at the cake head, next to the same tree, around a large couch kol). Over the years, the album becomes a beautiful memorial book that documents your child's growth (and the age of your close circle).

2nd Year Birthday Parties - Disastrous Two (Terrible Two!)

Two-year-olds have ideas about his birthday. However, you cannot expect them to be respectful to the guests or to cooperate with you when planning a party. For those two who are very active, who like to be together, but who don't like to play together, the mother gets very precise planning details when organizing her birthday party.

• You can set a theme based on your favorite toy or cartoon character that attracts attention.

• We recommend keeping your birthday short. A party that lasts an hour and a half is enough. When making this arrangement, pay attention to your child's sleep hours. 2 years old who are asleep “inedible from taste”, and if it comes to sleep, ar it brings together. Yaş

• Ask mothers (and / or fathers) to accompany the guests, which is useful in the invitation! However, for this party, select a small number of families with whom you are close.

• They love foam bubbles. Watch them blow at different times of the party and run after them!

3rd Birthday Party - Fun starts!

They can be persuaded, socialized. It's Party Time! Although he does not fully understand what the party is, he loves having a birthday, “he knows the meaning of the special day. May He will not miss the opportunity to play with his friends, he will love to buy gifts…

• Your material for the theme is now much. He has interests, heroes. You'd love to see this character on your birthday.

• To make this invitee group happy, choose which party games to play in advance. Low noise (too much noise may disturb some of them), prefer short-term games. For example, hide a few toys, let them find them. Music lovers can sing together. You can make movements with the music.

• There may be a fight between them. Don't punish anyone, just keep them away.

Birthday Parties for 4-6 Years - It's Time to Plan the Party Together

By the age of 4, children fully understand what the party is, and now it is up to parents to bab listen to them more and more. Geçen

• They wait for birthdays and even count days. Listen to your expectations about location, theme selection, friend invitations.

• As much as the party at this age, the preparation process is very exciting and instructive for them. Include them in the “project..

• At this age, şey what they have ”is very valuable. They hate to lose something. Avoid activities that will allow guests to remember at your party and accidentally take away toys from you.

• Play, play, play! In this period when they enjoy playing together, there are two pillars for the success of the party: a creative theme that matches your child's wishes and group games that match this theme! Pirate party and treasure hunt game, Sponge Bob party and fish hunting game. Or a quieter activity; Together at the dinosaur party, to watch an episode from the Stone Age (Fred Flintstone and his family) series, talk about it…

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