Travel with your baby

Travel with your baby

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Winter is a challenging and boring time for everyone. Especially if you have a small baby due to cold weather and possible diseases with your baby to stay at home mandatory, not being able to go out will suffocate both you and your baby. Especially in those short street trips, if your baby is caught with the usual illnesses of winter, it is time to make holiday plans with spring.

Isn't mothers entitled to a holiday? Maybe this will be your first vacation with your baby. The colorful hats and swimsuits you buy him will look even more adorable. Your baby will meet the sea and nature. But before you go on a journey, you should make a good plan and act with your baby and your health and comfort in mind.

The transportation vehicle you use when traveling with your baby is important for the comfort of your baby. You should put your baby in a safe car seat and fasten it securely. Otherwise, your baby may fall with the seat in a sudden movement. Do not breast-feed your little baby while driving. Leave this to break time. Milk can get into the baby's throat. If possible, leave the road at night or early in the morning so that your baby spends part of the road asleep. Babies don't like sunshine in their car. To prevent this, you can install sun visors on the windows.

Infants under one year of age can also travel by plane if they are going to use the aircraft as a means of transportation. However, the baby needs to undergo a doctor's check before traveling. You can give your baby something to drink to prevent ear pains that may occur during take-off and landing. The interior of the plane can be cool, so don't forget to bring something thick for your baby.

If you are going on holiday with your baby for the first time, you may have a little trouble. Because babies may have difficulty in adapting to a new environment when they leave the house. These problems can be overcome with a good organization. The important thing is to ensure that your baby's life at home is as similar as possible. In the first months, babies want to sleep or sit clean, full and comfortable. If you take things that may look familiar to your baby on the journey, it can adapt to the environment more easily. When you sleep, a cloth that is always covered and a toy that you love can create this environment.

Some issues should be taken into consideration before going on a journey. First of all the place to visit should not be too far. You should have your baby checked by a doctor before you travel. If it is time for vaccination, set them off. Never forget mosquito net, pacifier, fly repellent tablets, night light (your baby may be accustomed to it) against flies. If you take enough food for the first few days, you will not be in a hurry to go where you are. Do not change your baby's diet during the journey. Always give him the food he eats. Journeys are not suitable for testing new foods. Try a quieter environment. Do not overfeed your baby before you travel.

If the weather is very hot during the journey, spread all windows one inch apart. This way, your baby will be ventilated without the drafts. Meet your baby's water needs by stopping once or two hours, and check if the gold needs to be changed.

Baby's Bag

When preparing a suitcase for the journey, it is useful to put the baby's things in a separate bag. This makes it easy to find what is sought, and less likely to forget any of the baby's things.

It is more practical to prepare a separate bag for the items you need to have at hand, such as baby bottles, toys, lotions, cloths and water.

Do not neglect the medical supplies you will need during your journey and at your destination. Thermometer for measuring fever, antipyretic syrup, gel against insect stings, band-aid creates materials that must be taken.

For the journey, you can take a bottle, boiled water, bottle-of-juice, wet wipes, a pillow, a thin sheet and a baby's favorite toy.

Your baby should wear light clothes and hats to protect him from the sun as clothes.

You should not neglect the care of your baby at your destination. Don't forget baby cream, baby oil, shampoo, comb, nail clippers, towel and sunscreen with a high protective factor to protect it from the sun.

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