Watch out for the risk of blindness in preterm babies!

Watch out for the risk of blindness in preterm babies!

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Pregnancy has increased in recent years due to many environmental factors such as stressful life, irregular nutrition and IVF methods.

Premature retinopathy is one of the diseases that threaten premature babies. The disease, which affects the retina and mesh layer of premature babies, causes blindness in both eyes if not detected early.

Saying that premature retinopathy is a disease specific to preterm infants Assoc. Dr. Nur Acar, Için The indispensable condition for the diagnosis is to be born prematurely, ”he said. This disease is mainly affected by the retinal layer of the eye, Assoc. Dr. Acar gave the following information: ”The retina, the network layer or the nerve layer that perceives the images of the eye, develops directly as an extension of the brain in the womb. Since this development is not completed in premature babies, it continues after birth. Oxygen given at high concentrations to keep premature babies alive causes abnormal development of vessels in the eye. As a result, premature retinopathy, called ROP, occurs in the retinas of infants with incomplete vascularization. If not treated early, it will cause blindness in both eyes. ”

Difficult to Treat After Third Stage

Asserting that premature retinopathy is more common in babies born under 1.5 kg. Dr. Acar warned that all babies born under 1.5 kilos and before 32nd week should be examined for premature retinopathy. Assoc. Dr. Ar Pediatricians and ophthalmologists who specialize in newborn babies should work together. Early diagnosis and treatment of this disease is possible. The success of ROP treatment, which has five stages from mild to pain, is related to the stage of the disease. In the first two stages, follow-up is sufficient, but laser or cryo treatment should be started from the third stage. In the fourth and fifth stages of the surgical intervention that can not be achieved visually successful results. ” Infants encountered in the lung, cardiovascular disorders, severe infections and brain problems that may occur in retinopathy increases the risk of Assoc. Dr. Acar, 4-6 weeks after birth, babies must undergo eye examination, he underlined.

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