Is pregnancy given by breastfeeding?

Is pregnancy given by breastfeeding?

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For the secretion of breast milk, the body needs to spend energy. This energy is on average around 100 kcal per 100 ml of milk release. In the first week after the birth of the baby, the amount of milk secreted from the mother gradually increases. After the baby starts sucking normally, the milk secreted by the mother is around 700-800 ml per day. This means an extra energy consumption of 750 kcal per day for the mother. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers can easily regain their form in this period without being exposed to low calorie nutrition programs.Consume natural nutrients, not sugar-containing foods for breast milk yieldAbdominal fat seen in normal conditions difficult to burn, while the use of these oils to secrete milk is a feature of the period of lactation and weight management during this period is very important. The fact that the weight loss of mothers during the period of lactation is slow or not, is due to dietary errors. In this period, one of the problems experienced by mothers, which is one of the problems of the loss of milk sometimes makes it difficult to lose weight. In order to increase the yield of breast milk, it is necessary to use natural foods, not foods with high sugar content. Water, mineral water, fruit, vegetables, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, sugar-free compotes, low-fat soups, whole wheat bread, dried legumes, bulgur and oats are among the nutrients that help to increase the yield of breast milk.
Consume 2.5-3 liters of water per dayMothers should take more fluids during lactation than before pregnancy. 2.5-3 liters of water consumption for this period is an ideal measure. In order not to forget to consume water at work, it is best to have a jug filled with water and a glass on the desk. It should not be forgotten that the tendency to drink will increase as the cups are full.
Don't start the day without breakfastProviding the energy needed to start our day, our breakfast helps to lose weight by increasing milk release. Therefore, it is necessary to make breakfast on time and not to skip breakfast on the way to work in the morning.For soups with vegetables and legumes for lunch and dinnerWhen you start your lunch and dinner with a bowl of soup, you are given a healthy meal and plenty of saturation when you consume soup with vegetables and legumes.Don't start the day without consuming eggsEgg, a miraculous and natural source of animal protein, helps control appetite. It is possible to stay full for longer by consuming one egg at breakfast every day. Consuming vegetables and fruits is also very important for nursing mothers. Like every period of life, processed foods should be avoided.Make your own diet dessertsDesserts with simple sugar content increase weight, not milk. In this way, unnecessary calories taken unconsciously with diet, unlike milk, causes weight gain. The solution is to make your own diet dessert. It is possible to make wonders by using some oats and light blackberries jam by whisking with diet yogurt sweetener. Moreover, the quality of breast milk is improved.Watch the coffee!It is possible to drink a maximum of 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day during lactation. What's more, it can make your baby feel cranky and have difficulty sleeping. Therefore, you need to avoid excess coffee. Consume products rich in calcium, magnesium and zinc every dayIt is possible to consume at least 5 servings a day without skim milk, yogurt and cheese which are rich in calcium. Magnesium and zinc are important for every woman in every period of life. Therefore, it is useful to make a habit of consuming 10 pieces of almonds or 4 whole walnuts every day. In infants who take breast milk, spicy foods that cause gas and bloating should not be preferred.Make snacks that will improve the quality of your milk and help you get rid of your fatsDuring the period of breastfeeding, both to increase the quality of the milk and to stay full and easily get rid of excess fat is essential for meals. You can mix 40 grams of boiled and baked chickpeas and 125 grams of light yogurt and prepare a delicious snack. Go to the sun for 10-12 minutes every day and take vitamin DVitamin D in breast milk depends on the vitamin D level of the mother. Therefore, do not forget to sunbathe for 10-12 minutes in the 11.00-14.00 hour interval where the sun is rich in vitamin D.Working mothers, don't forget to express your milk with 10-minute breaks every 3-4 hours!In order to provide milk yield, you need to give a warning to the nipple every 3-4 hours on a regular basis as if your baby is suckling. Working mothers can take a 10-minute break every 3-4 hours to prevent a decrease in milk yield. Only breastfeed your baby during lactationWhen working mothers return home, your baby gets hungry all evening and night, just feed it with breast milk. If there is too little milk coming from your breast, be sure to keep your baby on your chest for longer.When you have the opportunity, take a rest at 15-minute intervals.New mothers get up early in the morning and work all day and want to spend time with the baby in the evening, they can sleep and get tired. Whenever there is an opportunity for this, it is useful to estimate at short intervals. Rest your body and increase your milk release with these little 15-minute nap.Do not forget to check with your baby after birthIt is important that mothers undergo a doctor's check at the end of the birth. Tooth and bone loss, hair and eyelash loss, skin quality disorders, affect the emotional state negatively, problems such as thyroid problems are common problems in mothers during lactation. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers undergo a full control before starting diet programs, the health status of their bodies should be evaluated by the doctor. These controls are also very important for dieticians. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals also affect the quality of breast milk. Feed enough and balanced to increase milk yieldIt is necessary to learn enough and balanced nutrition to increase milk yield. After all this is done properly, your baby grows and you can easily reach your weight before pregnancy without consuming extra energy.

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