Pregnancies resulting in miscarriage

Pregnancies resulting in miscarriage

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Every woman's biggest desire is to be a mother. However, some women lose their babies during pregnancy. The expectant mothers are guilty. But there are many wrongs that we think are right about the miscarriage. We also have mind-raising questions about low Professor of Jinemed Women's Health Center Dr. To Teksen Çamlıbel We headed.

: What is miscarriage?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel One of the greatest instincts of society is the reproductive instinct, the desire to have children. However, about 25 percent of every baby falling into the womb dies or is bleeding in the first three months. This is called low.

: What are the symptoms of miscarriage?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel The first symptom of miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. The amount of bleeding varies from a few drops to excessive bleeding. It may start suddenly or there may be a brown discharge before it. Another symptom is cramp-like or menstrual pain in the groin.

: What are the causes of miscarriage?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel There are many reasons for miscarriage. Research shows that 70 percent of infants falling babies with chromosomal disorders are incompatible with life. It's better for these babies to fall. If it does not fall, there is a much bigger problem. When it is said that the cause of miscarriage is chromosomal disorder, it is a bit repulsive to parents. "Is there a problem with me or my wife?" However, these are usually random situations. Let's call this a failure of nature. When the egg and sperm come together, one of the 6 babies has chromosomal disorder. We can understand that the cause of miscarriage is caused by chromosomal disorder by examining the chromosome of the falling baby.

: What should be done when it is understood that the cause of the miscarriage is chromosomal disorder?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel When such a disorder is detected, the chromosomes of the parents are examined. If they have a problem, medical precautions are taken. But most of the time it turns out that the parents are normal. In fact, this event is experienced by chance. Once again, the occurrence of chromosomal disorders is as difficult as the second lottery in the lottery.

: What are the causes of chromosomal disorders?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel Low 70 to 80 percent of chromosomal disorders are caused by such a rate. The remaining ratio is due to many reasons. Sugar, thyroid, ovulation disorder, father's sperm disorder, allergic reactions to the baby are only a few of these reasons. The causes of miscarriage are revealed through research. Many reasons can be treated.

: Does your mother's personal mistakes cause miscarriage?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel Abortion mother loses her self-confidence and blames herself. And his environment blames him. You washed her, she lifted her, and so on. as he faces charges. However, all these thoughts are wrong. Abortions are caused by chemical incompatibilities. Except for extraordinary physical injuries, it is not low (for example, a severe traffic accident, falling from the 3rd floor). There has even been a research on this subject. According to this study in the United States, even women who lift dumbbells do not increase the chance of miscarriage. There is no such problem and therefore there is no easy solution to preventing miscarriage. If the physical activities of the mother had caused miscarriage, we would have advised her to go to bed for the first three months and ensure that she was not aborted.

: What would you recommend to parents to minimize the problem of miscarriage?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel However, I would especially like to point out that a couple should see a doctor 3 months before planning to have a baby. Thus, the occurrence of these situations is minimized. When the mother and father are examined from the beginning, the problems experienced during pregnancy decrease. There are some points that the expectant mother should pay attention to before she becomes pregnant. We call this pre-pregnancy planning. Smoking, drinking, hepatitis B, rubella needs to be informed about such issues. For example, if the birth control pill is used, you should be pregnant 3 months after you quit. Congenital anomalies are more common in the case of immediate pregnancy. This causes miscarriage.

: Are there any risks for the expectant mother?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel It is necessary to divide it physically and psychologically. Bleeding problem is seen during abortion. However, if the miscarriage is not complete, that is, if there is a fragment inside, infection or bleeding may occur. Therefore, it is useful to perform an abortion to ensure that there are no parts left in the presence of any miscarriages. However, physical problems do not create huge problems. The problems are more psychological. The expectant mother feels guilty. He thinks I made a mistake somewhere. Once again, the low is never caused by personal errors. The probability of a person experiencing abortion once is the same rate as a woman who has never experienced abortion the second time.

: When can I get pregnant again?
Professor Dr. Teksen Camlibel First of all, we recommend waiting for 3 months for the mother to be psychologically ready. In this process, it would be a more appropriate approach not to take birth control pills and to protect the man.

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