Tips on science education in preschool period

Tips on science education in preschool period

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Children, especially at kindergarten age, ask questions like why and why, and they force you to the point where you cannot answer. We know that you often come across questions that you cannot answer or do not know how to explain, although you can often answer them. But you should know that you should not feel yourself in the obligation to answer these questions, because you are a human being and you may know things.

There are two important things to consider when answering your children's questions. One of them is to be honest, that you do not answer the questions you do not know; the second is that your answers should be fair. Remember that the unrealistic answers you give will harm your child more!

You should also take this fact into account when teaching your child science. Try to give your children as much visual experience as possible. Here are two examples for you…

1.What is the weight?

Necessary materials:

● Two bags or shoe boxes of the same size
● Various toys and objects


● Put all objects in one of the bags. When doing so, make sure that the weight of the bag is enough for your child to carry.
● Show both bags and ask your child which one is easier to carry? Give the empty bag in one hand and the full bag in the other. He'il tell you he's easy to carry the empty bag.
● Then ask your child to think, neden Why do you think you couldn't move the other one?.. “Because it was heavier, Çocuk the child will answer.
● You can then extend your ideas to your child by saying ter scales are used to measure weight ”.
● If you have a scales or scales at home, you can weigh the bags here and sample them for your child.

2.Heavy Bodies Sink, Lightweight Floats

Necessary materials:

● A large basin
● Water
● Bottle corks, pebbles, plastic toys

● Dress your child with clothing to keep them from getting wet and cold.
● Fill the basin with water at room temperature and place objects that sink or float when thrown into the water.
● Tell your child that he can play with water and throw objects into the water.
● You can direct the experiment with the words çalış Try to sink the toys floating on the water ”or nasıl How do you keep the sinking objects on the water??.
● Children “I cannot keep the pebble above water. They are sinking to the bottom ”.
● You can explain the reason for this situation by explaining the logic of the event to your child.

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