Five golden rules of being a great father!

Five golden rules of being a great father!

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1. Talk to your child: Successful fathers talk to their children and listen to them. Instead of sitting together watching TV, playing video games or surfing the internet, fathers who speak well with their children talk and chat with them. Not all of these conversations have to be serious conversations. However, having both positive and negative conversations will increase her openness to criticism and consequently cause her self-improvement. 2. Spend time alone: The whole family often spend time together. But really successful fathers love to spend time alone with their children. You can even develop a game between yourself; On one day of each month, sit alone with your child and talk about his fears, joys and achievements in short. 3. Create rules and follow them: Raising a successful child isn't just about having fun and improving your relationship. Therefore, you must give him values ​​and instill responsibility. Creating and adhering to some family rules will give your child consistency and responsibility.

4. Do not indulge: Giving her what she wants, whenever she wants, can lead to unrealistic expectations in life. Postponing some of her wishes for a while will both give her more value to what she wants, and help her to be patient and learn that everything she wants cannot happen instantly. 5. Show your love with their language: Children perceive love in different ways. Make it clear to them often or express it. It is very important for them to understand that they are loved and valued, to develop and to have a quality life in the future.

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