Recommendations for children without appetite

Recommendations for children without appetite

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Anorexia babies and children say that many mothers are common. Especially in summer, the problem of anorexia increases with the effect of heat. But the problem is not unsolvable! How Does? International Hospital Specialist in Pediatrics Contact Şebnem directlyWe have great suggestions for mothers in our article prepared with the contributions of.

Some children eat with great enthusiasm while others do not juggle all kinds of work does not work. There are many reasons for this. One of the factors that make the child appetite or anorexia is the importance they experience in their inner world. A feeling, sadness, hatred or jealousy in the child's subconscious is enough to cut his appetite. For this reason, firstly, it is necessary to investigate whether there is an organic disorder or not, and whether there is a mental conflict or an emotional problem. In addition to these psychological effects, especially in summer, due to the heat, the problem of anorexia increases in babies. Mothers who are helpless in the face of this problem are surprised at what they will do.

Eating less: Not sick?

It is not always right to impose the child's lack of appetite for psychological reasons or heat. We also need to see if the child is in good health. Is it possible to understand this? In this case, besides the lack of appetite, it is necessary to examine other symptoms in the child. International Hospital Specialist in Pediatrics Contact Şebnem directly It gives the following information: şart It is essential to pay attention to whether the child is sluggish or tired. Sudden changes in habits (for example, sleeping more than ever, or, on the contrary, breaking up her sleep) herald something that went wrong. In this case, you should definitely consult a pediatrician. ”

Recommendations for children without appetite

Keep in mind that not every child can eat more than he has the capacity to eat. When the child insists on eating, the child removes the food that is too much for him. Don't underestimate this feature of her!

The candies, chocolates, chips, etc. given to the child before meal time prevent junk food. So when your child gets hungry, give him the food without waiting for the meal time. Insistently waiting for the hungry child to eat time is the biggest reason for his appetite.

Sometimes the lack of appetite comes from the child's coercion and pressure in the face of eating. And because of these interventions, the child is reluctant to eat. Don't be intrusive !.

Do not react to the child lingering at the table and eating heavily. Rather, talk to him, tell stories to try to make it enjoyable to eat.

In addition to offering different alternatives to the child, making them more pleasing to the eye by decorating the foods that need to be taken and diversifying helps them to behave positively against the foods they do not want.

Avoid disturbing situations and conversations during meals.

Putting as much food on the plate as the child can eat, sometimes putting food in little by little and appreciating the child every time the dish is finished helps to reinforce his eating behavior.

One way to ensure children's appetite is to make them spend time outdoors. Fresh air and outside strolling or play helps to increase children's appetite.

Solutions against summer loss of appetite

Change your child's daily diet to avoid heat-related loss of appetite during the summer months. Divide the day into small, short meals. Keep in mind that hunger is a physical condition and is organized by meals. Undoubtedly, thirst is an inevitable need, especially in hot weather. So, try to offer your child light meals for snacks to meet the organism's water needs at breakfast, in the afternoon, at lunch, in the afternoon and at dinner. To make the meal more attractive to the child, it is best to adjust the temperature of the meal well. Not surprisingly, in summer, he doesn't want hot food. The ideal situation is to feed the food at room temperature. For example, low-fat meat, chicken, finely cut steaks, roast, baked or steamed fish do not lose anything when they are eaten warm.

In summer, listen to these suggestions!

Don't forget to take a drink for your child when you go out.
A pinch of salt gives both food a taste; it also replaces the salt lost by the body through sweating. But make sure that the amount of salt is small. Otherwise keep in mind that it will increase thirst and burning sensation.
Fresh fruit, perfect for a snack; especially on the beach…
A warm and fragrant drink (eg fruit teas) helped bring in a suffocating, hot night's sleep.

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