Easy ways to dress your baby

Easy ways to dress your baby

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In some cases, changing clothes, which sometimes creates a crisis, sometimes results in anger and control of the parents, and the child's crying or pouting.
In this article, I will address the dressing crises at home and share a few suggestions that I think will make your life easier. The point to note here is that you have your approval before the dress options are presented to her.
* Chat: Dress up your child, talk about the activities to do during the day or outside bird. Thus, you will be distracted by the pleasure of being interested in it, and the dressing process will be achieved more quickly.
* Choose comfortable wearable clothing: This will make the dressing process easier and your child will succeed in a shorter time if he wants to dress himself.
* Give your hand something to linger when dressing: If you dress your child every morning while he dresses your little baby, dressing ceremony may be easier and more enjoyable. If your child dresses up in simple clothes you buy for their baby or teddy bear, it will give you less reaction during dressing.
* Turn dressing activity into a game: Children like nudity, however they get bored during dressing and sometimes get hurt. For this reason, it is often useful to present dressing as a game. In this context, after putting his head on a shirt you want to dress, “Where did Ayşe go? I can't find it ”. This way you will see a boy laughing, not a pout, inside the shirt. Or you can not find your feet in the pants, you can say that you are very happy to see the feet.
* Be understanding: You may be interested in a toy or a rope hanging from the curtain while you are trying to dress your child in a hurry or waiting for him to bring his pants from the closet. Your child, whom you think he is trying to annoy you with this behavior, is often only interested in a stimulus that comes before him because his attention span is very short and he has already forgotten what you want from him. In such cases, go to him without saying anything and repeat what you want from him clearly.
* Prevent difficulties in dressing become a way of getting attention: Children want to play, children expect attention from the person taking care of them, which is one of their most basic needs. Since the dressing activity also involves an intense interest in the child, some children want to keep the attention on them by extending this process. In such cases, playing with the child for a while before dressing will provide relief. All these will help you to alleviate dressing conflicts with your child. But one thing to keep in mind when living with children is that their time flows much slower than ours. They do not have the cognitive maturity and life experience necessary to understand our fast pace, our constant effort to catch up. Since time perceptions have not yet occurred, they can swing very comfortably inside the house as we try to prepare quickly with delay flurry. Therefore, it is best not to put them too much into this tempo until they reach a certain age, perhaps to give up some more sleep or the time we devote to ourselves.

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