How does gender influence the father-child relationship?

How does gender influence the father-child relationship?

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Father protects and arms. It is supportive. Gives confidence. The mind is the person who is consulted, exemplary, and the rule-maker. So much so that the presence of the father is one of the most important factors in the emotional development of the child. Well, in this period when we questioned our relationship with our fathers before the Fathers Day; What are the differences in the relationship between father and daughter? What does the father mean for both boys and girls? Psik Dilek Doğu, an expert psychologist at the DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences, said, ideal The ideal father in the child's mind changes and develops at every stage of life. These; authoritarian-repressive father, permitting, consistent-inconsistent, irrelevant or democratic attitude can be in the form. ”he says. The East, which says that it is possible to discover the psychology of the father-son relationship with literature, said, çatışma The conflict between fathers and sons has been one of the main issues and problems of ancient and contemporary literature. In literature, the image of 'father' is used as an authority that is feared and needs to be defeated, and as an example feared to the likeness. Especially psychological events and phenomena in the father-son relationship are frequently encountered in the world and Turkish literature. ”Fathers find it difficult to accept their son for who he is. Noting that conflicts and conflicts between father and son exist in every culture and in every era, the East said, “Fathers often identify with their sons and perceive them as themselves. Therefore, they expect their children to be far superior, successful, talented and almost perfect. The real sons do not overlap with the idealized sons. Therefore, their failures, negative behaviors, mistakes, bad habits, fathers very angry, raises the dominant and authoritarian attitude of the aggressive aspects. he is an individual and deserves respect as an individual, no matter how old he is. It is necessary to allow the children to grow up, to acknowledge that they are in the process of becoming a connected but independent adult, and to listen with their ears. Empathy, not trying to be friends, spending quality time, limiting their wishes, avoiding physical and emotional punishments and giving unconditional love are very important for the health of the relationship. ”Fathers and daughters… Father-daughter relationship that develops completely different from the East, especially girls around the age of 4-5, may not want to share their father with their mother and may be jealous. This is a process, and the girls see the mother as an opponent rather than an idol, he says. can also be directed. The relationship of girls carries a lot of traces from the family they come from. The father figure is a very important asset in every age and culture, for girls and boys, for every child that carries confidence, support, power, respect, order-discipline and border dynamics. ”

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