Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy Stress

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One in five mothers has depression at least once in their lifetime. Depression; social withdrawal, loss of interest in pleasure, difficulty in concentration, indecision, self-blame, feeling of worthlessness, sadness, anxiety, insomnia and loss of appetite. The maturation process of each organ varies from the beginning of pregnancy to maturation. For this reason, as much as the intensity of stress and the duration of exposure during pregnancy becomes important… REEM Neuropsychiatry Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, in the period of rapid cell division of organs, such as stress, increased susceptibility to environmental influences, however, pregnancy 24-32. Severe stresses during the week, the baby will be born, cowardly and timid behavior, as well as very crying moody and restless character may cause it says.

Stress adversely affects the unborn baby

Mid-pregnancy is also the beginning of an important period in brain development. Considering the effects on labor, it can be said that the stress experienced in the late pregnancy supports the relationship with preterm birth.

In many studies, stress during pregnancy has been associated with low birth weight and intrauterine growth retardation. Low birth weight increases the susceptibility to chronic diseases in adult life, especially when seen together with intrauterine growth retardation. The risk of ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) increases significantly in children born after deep sorrow and anxiety starting from 6 months before pregnancy and continuing during pregnancy. In other studies, a linear relationship was found between the severity of ADHD symptoms and stress experienced during pregnancy. In addition, 12-22. In the case of the effects of the study will be more affected in the weeks gaining weight.

Prenatal stress affects mother and baby after birth

Stress experienced by pregnant women after birth also has negative effects, said the studies showed. Yavuz, their; risk of complications, difficulty in adapting to novelty in the postnatal period, observation of timid behavior, decreased total intelligence and attention performance in 3-5 years, retardation in language skills, anxiety and depressive disorder, and ADHD-related symptoms in adolescence. .

We know that high motherhood stress and anxiety disrupt the mother-child interaction and have negative consequences on the mental development of the baby. According to studies at the Rochester Medical Center, the stress experienced during pregnancy creates a change in the placenta, which negatively affects the baby's neurodevelopment. In general, research has been conducted on the effects of stress experienced during pregnancy on the baby. However, the short and long-term effects of prenatal stress on mothers should not be ignored. Yavuz, the words; Stres Stress during pregnancy triggers postpartum depression. In addition, expectant mothers who are exposed to stress during pregnancy are likely to experience communication problems that may begin with attachment problems after birth. When all these factors are taken into consideration, it is important for the expectant mothers to stay away from the prenatal stress firstly when pregnancy is desired and ready. When mothers find out that they are exposed to stress, they will help them to get psychological support during pregnancy, express emotions, develop alternative thinking methods, cope with stress and gain problem solving skills. ”

Coping techniques with pregnancy stress

Specialist According to Mehmet Yavuz, Stress; it is shaped according to the level of internal and external triggers. “Too little” stress creates boredom and “too much” stress creates fatigue. Stress; “Insidious süreç process follows. Personality traits, social relationships, emotional maturity and energy level are important factors in tolerating stress.

Emergency solutions:

• Stop working and realize your tension,
• Breathe slowly and slowly,
• Move! Stretch movements, light exercise or short walk if possible,
• Take a break! Try to get away from the tension.

Long-term solutions:

• Take care of a healthy diet (caffeine should be reduced, drugs and alcohol should be strictly avoided.),
• Communicate clearly and clearly with your partner and close circle. It should be avoided from the implied and complex expressions that will create a discussion,
• Ensure adequate rest: Take care of your sleep patterns. Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, frequent resting mode should be maintained.
• Exercise regularly (almost every day for 30 minutes). However, you should avoid heavy exercise during pregnancy. Your regular exercise program will also help make your birth comfortable and easy,
• Make a daily plan. Don't think long term. Will my baby be healthy? Can I raise your child well? Or can I train well? Do not engage your mind with unnecessary questions, such as
• Create a “list of priorities!! Don't start another until you're done. Start analyzing with the easiest problems if there is no urgent issue,
• Instead of doing a few things at once, sort your jobs and handle them one by one. Don't squeeze your business for a few days, leave some extra time between them,
• Share responsibilities with others: Remind yourself that people can “do some work”. Respect it and be free,
• Frequent “mental break Sık,
• Express your wishes and discontent. Learn to say “no ve and don't feel uncomfortable saying that,
• Capture the times when you are energetic and make good use of them. In these times, consider your işler hard work,,
• Avoid intense electromagnetic environments, especially in the first 3-4 months of pregnancy,
• Talk to your doctor or therapist about pregnancy or problems with your partner. The goal is sharing, not solution! Give people you care about the opportunity to understand your feelings and thoughts,
• Redefine “problems ve and use them as opportunities for“ change ”. Ask yourself mi Is this my problem? ”,
• Plan “Entertainment.. Do not neglect your inner child,
• Do not try to “control” others and events,
• Feed animals if possible, grow flowers at home,
• Enjoy your leisure time with hobbies and activities,
• Let others help you when you help others. Give them this pleasure and priority. There's nothing more natural than a pregnant lady getting help. Finally, don't forget to feed your soul.

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