Dust is too dangerous for babies!

Dust is too dangerous for babies!

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Danger all over our house!Child Health Diseases, Child Allergy and Immunology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony said that house dust was found in everyone's house, was too small to be seen by the eye, and microscopic life forms ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 mm in diameter. Because they are not dust, but live insects, bed beetles, also known as domestic parasites. These creatures on Earth are as old as human beings, and they are everywhere. Because they feed on hair, hair, dandruff and skin residues that are poured from the body of humans and animals. They like warm and humid environments and reproduce abundantly. They are mostly found in bed and bedrooms. They especially love mattresses, quilts, pillows, blankets, carpets and upholstery made of wool, feathers and cotton and they reproduce very easily within them. ” 100 grams of home dust in a gram of living, including approximately 19,000-20,000 mites, he said. One gram of human skin enough to feed millions of mites Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony continued: “Sometimes they can eat not only the shed skin but also the solid skin in our body. Sometimes even the stinging sensation in our skin is due to this. After eating human and animal skin residues, the mites are feces like any living thing, and the most allergic thing is the allergies found in this feces. The body proteins of the mites are also allergic. It is also believed that about half of the existing weight of the pillows older than one year consists of mites, mite eggs, mite feces and other waste. Therefore, the bedroom and the measures to be taken regarding the mite allergy play a very important role in controlling the mite allergy. ”What should we do to prevent house dust allergies?Child Health Diseases, Child Allergy and Immunology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony, a child to develop myth allergy in the house and in the bedroom should be taken measures listed as follows: 1- Sun, airy house and bedroom should be, 2- No moisture at home, 3- Bed, quilts and mattress wool and / 4- Bedrooms should be used only for sleeping, 5- Bedrooms should be simple and unfurnished, 6- Beds should be bedsteads if possible, should not be present bed bases, (For easy cleaning of gold) 7- There should be no carpet, rug in the bedroom, If there is to be something, there should be a small rug that can be washed, 8- There should not be a load and bookcase in the bedroom, 9- There should not be toys, especially plush toys in the bedroom, 10- The bedroom should be cleaned and ventilated daily. 12- Mattress covers should be covered at least once a week. Wash at or above 60 degrees, then iron,The most effective treatment method vaccine!The measures taken to protect the house dust and house dust allergy is necessary to develop the stating that Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony concluded: se If a child develops allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis due to mite allergies, in addition to these measures, immunotherapy for mites is very effective. The most effective treatment and solution of allergic rhinitis and asthma due to house dust mites in today's conditions is made with vaccines developed for house dusts. Vaccine treatments affect the defense system in the body and tolerate hypersensitivity to household dust. In this way, the body does not react negatively to dust, and in many patients without drugs, a lifelong recovery. ”

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