Go for a ride with your baby

Go for a ride with your baby

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If you think it is very difficult to take care of a baby at home, do not decide what to expect when you set off with your baby. You need a calm head, but first of all, a strict preparation to feed it, calm it when it cries and change the baby. Your baby, the smallest living in the house, will be the one who needs the most things in you. There is also no harm in getting prepared emotionally before going out. After all, when you go out, you will need the most flexibility, creativity and a sense of humor.1. You are in the mall and your baby is hungry! Help!You're actually in one of the best places you can be. Most large shopping centers have baby changing and breastfeeding rooms where families can easily relax. So you can breastfeed your baby comfortably and without being disturbed by anyone. You can also use mother-baby stores as a safe place. You can breastfeed your child in these stores, which are usually trial rooms where you can sit down and take the stroller easily. Compared to many western countries, nursing mothers in our country are welcomed with much more understanding. This gives you the chance to breastfeed your baby comfortably. If you're going to bottle-feed your baby, you'll need a lot more preparation. Feed your baby before leaving home. Prepare very well for the second chance. Get ready-to-eat food, baby bottles and thermos with hot water. Do not carry your food with you in advance, as this may cause some bacteria to form. For a lighter stroll, you can get hot water from the shopping center's food and beverage department. Gently ask for hot water in the dining area, or even ask them to fill the bottle with hot water. Remember to check the temperature before giving your baby food as usual. 2. You went to a friend's house for lunch. Your baby needs to sleep, but where?If your baby is less than three months old, your baby sleeps wherever they are, as long as it's safe! As your baby grows, it becomes harder to try to put her to sleep outside the house. While in another home, find a quiet room and prepare a ”campsite“. Place a cool blanket or towel in a safe area. Never leave your baby alone on a bed and make sure there are no extra blankets and pillows to keep your baby from breathing around. If your host has a cat or dog, either close the door of the room or make sure the animal is somewhere else.
Carrying a safe portable baby bed may be difficult, but this is the best way to keep your head comfortable. You can easily find this kind of baby equipment from baby shops where you can find many different kinds. Also, if you carry the baby monitor with you, you do not need to check your baby frequently.
3. You went to a game with your baby and you need to change your baby's gold, but the toilets are filthy!Since you cannot rely on the cleanliness of the toilets, a well-crafted baby bag is most useful now. Even if there is a baby changing room, do not change your baby anywhere you are not sure of its cleanliness. Lay your baby's diaper on the floor. Place newspaper papers underneath it if you can find it. The more you can place between your baby and “who knows what's out there kadar the better! Wet wipes, cloths, toys and disinfectants that will distract your baby's attention should be at hand. After all, you realize you don't have much time to linger! If the toilets are too dirty, you can try to do this where you sit. You can achieve this with some exercise in advance. Especially if you have a friend to help you, you are really lucky. Because one can hold the baby, the other can change the baby's diaper. 4. Your baby started crying in the restaurant, but what could he want?Don't panic first, because you can make your baby cry more when you feel your tension. Also, the parents around you will understand. The best thing to do is go out first, then ask questions. Give your baby a pacifier while going out. Then try to understand what the mysterious problem is. If you've recently fed and changed diapers, maybe it's crowds and noise. He may have come across a lot of things to surprise him. Sometimes even those who come to love your baby will cause your baby to rebel. If you can't calm your baby, take your baby out for a meal with your partner. If you have not been able to calm down in this way and think that the crying crisis will last longer, pack your food and come home. But don't let such situations push you into negativity and put you in the house.

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