In which situations should antibiotics be used?

In which situations should antibiotics be used?

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Antibiotics are effective only for infections caused by bacteria. Therefore, giving your child antibiotics every time you get sick brings more harm than good. Acıbadem Hospital Kadıköy Child Diseases Specialist Contact Murat directly He warns families: larda Antibiotics are effective in infections caused by microbes called bacteria. Antibiotics are ineffective in infections caused by viruses.

: What diseases are antibiotics effective against?
Dr. Contact Murat directly The number of parents who give antibiotics to their children as soon as possible without consulting their doctor is too much. However, this is certainly not the right approach. Antibiotics are effective in infections caused by microbes called bacteria. Antibiotics are ineffective in infections caused by viruses. The use of antibiotics in infections caused by viruses leads to the death of beneficial bacteria in the body, causing weaknesses in the protection mechanisms. In this respect, it brings harm rather than benefit

: When should antibiotics be used?
Dr. Contact Murat directly The most important point to know when giving antibiotics to the child is the causative agent of the infection. Antibiotic treatment is initiated according to the infection originating from viruses or bacteria.

: So how is this understood?
Dr. Contact Murat directly Abnormal elevations of leukocytes, increased CRP and sedimentation, and most importantly, the bacterium can be produced in the culture, and the cause of infection is learned in simple blood tests.

: Is antibiotic recommended only by the doctor?
Dr. Contact Murat directly The use of the drug with the friendly advice and even the suggestion of the pharmacist is extremely wrong. The vital responsibility of the patient belongs to the physician who is legally a medical doctor. Some side effects such as allergies can be seen immediately in wrong antibiotic use and more dangerous side effects occur in a long time. These can be summarized as hearing, visual disturbances, impaired renal and hepatic function, and destruction of the immune system. In any case, it is necessary to discontinue the drug immediately and contact the physician.

: How long should I give?
Dr. Contact Murat directly Antibiotic use while related to the nature of the infection. For example, the use of antibiotics in middle ear infections and meningitis, which is a membrane infection, is different. In addition, the effectiveness of the antibiotic used for the cause of infection and the duration of the effect on the blood affects the duration of use of the drug. For example, long-acting new macroliths are used for four days in group A beta streptococcal infections while oral penicillin is used for ten days. The most important point in the use of antibiotics is that it is known that the doses of each antibiotic are specific for children. This is due to the characteristics of liver and kidney functions and plasma-blood volumes in children.

There is a belief among the public that you should take vitamins with you while using antibiotics. How true is that?
Dr. Contact Murat directly It is not possible to use vitamins in antibiotic use for a few weeks. However, vitamins can be given for long periods of use. Vitamins are used to prevent the side effects of the death of beneficial bacteria that are normally found in our intestines.

: Is it right to use it too often?
Dr. Contact Murat directly It is essential to use antibiotics when necessary. It should be kept in mind that children who use antibiotics very often cannot survive the infection. As the immune system is not able to regenerate itself and get to know the microbes sufficiently, it becomes susceptible to continuous diseases. In addition, some bacteria in the body develop resistance to commonly used antibiotics and create a risk of not being treated with any antibiotics when they cause disease.

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