Montessori program in kindergarten education

Montessori program in kindergarten education

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There are many programs in different countries which were created in line with different approaches and used in kindergarten education today. Each program has a different understanding of education, teacher training system, material selection and classroom layout. Schools choose one or more of these programs and implement their educational practices. Montessori Program is one of the educational programs implemented in kindergartens. We talked to you about Serdar Savaşır'la subject.

How was the Montessori program created?

Montessori program in 1907. Created by Maria Montessori in Italy. Dr. Maria Montessori is Italy's first gynecologist. Montessori made his first studies on children with disabilities and as a result of these studies observed that children with disabilities can also be successful when they receive education. This result inspired him to develop his own program.

What is the educational philosophy of the Montessori program?

There are certain principles of Montessori education, the most important of which are:

Montessori education assumes that every child has a similar tendency to learning and never compares a child to another child.

• Thinks that differences such as language, religion and race do not affect their learning.

• Respects cultural differences and believes that changes should be made to the program in line with these differences.

How is the classroom environment designed in Montessori education?

In Montessori education, the play environment is very important, because children do not play the game just to spend time or have fun, they discover the world and the environment in which they live.

What are the features of Montessori Materials?

Montessori Materials provide the child with opportunities to explore the world. If you say how it accomplishes this; materials have been designed in the dimensions and safety that the child can use and also great importance has been given to realistic features and creativity.Materials are widely used today due to these properties.

Here is an example for Montessori Materials!

It is aimed that the child playing with this material put the blue pieces in the blue box, the yellow pieces in the yellow box, the green pieces in the green box, the red pieces in the red box. Thus, the child is provided with the concept of “matching”.

Can Montessori education be practiced at home by families?

Parents who follow the necessary educational programs and materials can apply this program to their children at home, but they cannot create the most important thing for the child, that is, the social environment at home, and the children at school have the opportunity to be with their peers and socialize.

What is the difference of Montessori from traditional education?

The table lists the differences between the Montessori program and the traditional education program:

Emphasizes social and perceptual developmentEmphasizes learning and social behavior through memorization
Teacher acts as a guide in the classroomThe teacher acts as a controller in the classroom
Environmental and educational method improves personal disciplineDiscipline is provided by the teacher
Priority is given to personal teachingPriority is given to group teaching
Adaptable to different age groupsAdaptable to the same age group
Training is done in a group with the cooperation of children and teacherEducation is done by the teacher and the courage of the child is not given importance.
The child himself decides what to doPredict what the child will do
The child learns the concepts by self-study materialsChild learns concepts from teacher
Child learns during playSpecial time is reserved for the game
The child takes the learning stepThe group takes the learning step
The child learns his / her own mistake from the feedback of the materialThe child is told the error by the teacher
Learning is motivated by strengthening the sense of repetition and internal accomplishment

Learning is motivated by repetition, reward and punishment
The child is educated at his / her choice by changing the place of his choice and without disturbing others, by talking at any time, by entering the group of his own accord.The child is educated at the designated place and obliged to comply with the group
The child learns personal and environmental care on his own with versatile educational materialsThere is no program that teaches personal care, it is considered a family duty

Note: This table was created by Private Eriş Kindergarten educators.

The program causes more unknown in Turkey?

Montessori programs Montessori the school site in order to implement the program during the in gereklidir.türkiye presence has absorbed educators unfortunately quite difficult to find teachers have received this training, so trainers have received training programs abroad bring to Turkey gerekiyor.fakat no kindergarten many can perform it, that therefore Montessori education in our country is not very common.

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