What to do for nasal obstruction in infants?

What to do for nasal obstruction in infants?

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Nasal obstruction is a serious issue to be considered in infants. In case of congestion in the nose, problems may occur in the baby's diet, which may affect healthy breathing and completion of development. The main cause of crying crises, which are thought to be gas pains in infants, may be respiratory diseases. Emsey Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Uz. Dr. Gülten Karasu shares her views on the subject.The anatomy of the mouth and nose of babies is different from that of adults.Nasal canals of babies are narrower than adults and older children. Therefore, babies only have to breathe through the nose. The baby needs to breathe through the nose while the breast is in the mouth. Nasal congestion is the first of this is the disruption of sucking. They often wake up because they cannot sleep, and they cannot rest because they cannot go to deep sleep; Throat and lower respiratory tract infections are more common in nasally obstructed infants and children. The fine-textured structure of the airways of infants, especially bronchial curtains, is different from that of an adult human. This distinction shown by the respiratory tract is gradually eliminated with the growth of the baby. The respiratory rate per minute of the newborn baby is approximately 40-60; 35-40; The 12-month-old baby is 30-35. The baby's breathing is both fast and superficial. Because the baby's horizontal ribs do not allow chest breathing and the baby breathes with the help of the abdomen.If your baby cries for no reason… Families think that their babies cry for no reason, saying, "She's full of stomach, she's clean, she's no gas, and she's still crying. Infants often have respiratory problems because of this crying. Some babies may cry for no real reason. But families can understand the real problem of their children in simple ways. Nasal control should also be performed after food, gas and gland control.What should be the treatment of nasal congestion in infants?A doctor should be consulted in the treatment of nasal congestion of infants. As a result of the doctor's approval, the following methods can be used in addition to treatment: • You can have your baby take a warm shower in a steamy bath before going to bed in the evening. Steam will help the upper respiratory tract to relax and sleep well at night • If you have a cold steamer, you can apply cold steam in the room or put a container of water on the heater core to keep the room moist • Keeping the baby's environment airy and removing the baby's head a certain amount of nasal obstruction in an effective position. Open air can be good for nasal congestion, you can take out the air if you have a chance to get out of the air. Nasal opener methods, which can be effective in adults, create undesirable conditions in infants.

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