Success Rate Increases in Male Infertility Treatment

Success Rate Increases in Male Infertility Treatment

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Advances seen in all areas of medicine in the last 10 years have led to significant progress in overcoming the male infertility problem. Acıbadem Hospital Reproductive Health Center Hakan Özveri, “In particular, the introduction of microinjection in the field of infertility has led to the treatment of many men who have not previously been treated. Erek

When couples without children are examined, it is seen that 30-40% of the problem is caused only by men. The factors that cause this problem are grouped under 3 headings:
1. Hormonal causes
2. Causes of testicles
3. Causes of sperm carrier channels and organs

1. Hormonal causes
The pituitary gland, called the pituitary in the lower part of the brain, responsible for the production of important hormones, secretes the hormones FSH and LH, which play a role in the production of sperm in men. These hormones stimulate sperm production from the testes and the secretion of the male hormone testosterone. Pituitary gland function disorders that can make changes in the levels of these hormones can cause deterioration in sperm production in men. The prolactin hormone, which is secreted from the pituitary gland and secretes milk from the breast during breastfeeding in women, is caused by various reasons for the increase in sperm production in the testes. Dr. V Therefore, sperm count is especially 5 million / ml. in men with these hormones secreted from the testes testosterone level should be measured together.

2. Causes of testicles
It is possible to group the causes of the testis in two groups:
1.Causes of sperm production disorder
2.Causes of sperm defect (obstructive).

3. Causes of sperm carrier channels and organs
Although there is sperm production in the testes, it is the case of congestion or blockages in the organs or channels that play a role in the transport of sperm outside the body. Dr. V Normally, the sperm produced in the testes mature in the organism called epididymis and are transported to the penis through sperm carrier channels known as vas deferens. In some cases, the sperm cells produced cannot reach the ejaculate due to a blockage in this system. Sometimes there is congenital absence of both vas deferens. In this congenital disorder, the so-called vas deferens carrying the sperm from the testis did not occur unilaterally or bilaterally. 50-80% of these men have a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis. It should be examined whether the spouses of these individuals who have children by microinjection of the sperm obtained from the testis by entering the needle into the egg cell are carriers of cystic fibrosis. In addition, infections, traumas or operations passed through organs adjacent to the reproductive organs in the male reproductive tract may interfere with the reproduction of the reproductive tract, thus preventing the outflow of sperm. In men with this condition, it is possible to remove obstruction (vasovasostomy, vasoepididimostomy, TURED operations) by various surgical methods. In cases where the congenital canal does not develop, sperm is removed from the testis by needle (TESA method) and couples have children by microinjection method. In some men with systemic diseases (eg diabetes, neurological diseases) or trauma due to trauma, the sperm may escape from the penis instead of coming from the penis. In this case, cause-oriented treatments can be applied. ”

Sperm count decreasing
According to the researches, there are serious differences between the sperm quality of men 50 years ago and the sperm quality of today's men. As a result, men's sperm quality is considerably reduced. What are the reasons behind this decrease? Showing serious sensitivity to this issue Eurofertil Medical Director Hakan Özörnek, sigara To give a concrete example, there are serious problems in sperm motility and form in men who smoke more than 1 pack of cigarettes per day, terek he said. In addition, according to the latest research, 40% of the disorders in the sperm of men who face infertility problems are caused by alcohol. Altın Golden rules for having healthy sperm The subject is listed as follows. Bırak Stop smoking, chemicals in the cigarette are damaging the sperm. Reduce alcohol, have regular weekly sex. Regular sex keeps the sperm healthy, do sports, but avoid hard spores. The blow to the testists increases the production of antibodies that attack the sperm, and consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. In addition, sleep regularly and live a regular life. ”

What is done in patients without sperm count in sperm count?
Dr. Hakan Özveri, hast If there is a problem such as congestion or absence of canal in the reproductive tract in patients having problems with sperm exiting the testes, sperm are obtained by selecting one of the methods described by TESE, TESA, MESA, PESA, and couples with microinjection method. TES In recent years, with the use of microscope in TESE method (Microdissection TESE), sperm can be detected in certain parts of the testis in most of the patients who cannot detect sperm by standard TESE. This makes it possible to obtain sperm even in patients with extremely low sperm production. ”

What is varicocele and when should it be treated?
It is the vascular disorder that causes sperm production, motility and deformity due to the increase in temperature in the testes and prolonged interaction with toxic substances due to the dilation of the veins in the veins surrounding the testes. While it is seen in 10-15% of the normal population, it is seen that the incidence is doubled in couples who cannot have children. Dr. Özveri, ise If the type can be detected in the examination, treatment is necessary. Surgery is not recommended for the varicocele, which is called occult varicocele and is detected only by ultrasonography. Today, varicocele surgery is performed with microsurgical method in order to reduce the chance of success and side effects. ”

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