Did you wear a fake wedding ring while you were pregnant?

Did you wear a fake wedding ring while you were pregnant?

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I had no idea it was a "thing" to wear fake wedding and engagement rings while pregnant.

But it makes perfect sense.

Consider this dilemma posted by a member of the our site Community:

"I am 26 weeks and this weekend I noticed I was pretty puffy in my hands. I took my wedding rings off to clean them and realized I really couldn't get them back on. I wear a ring on my right hand that my grandmother had custom made for me with some sentimental family diamonds in it. I CAN'T GET IT OFF and am panicking a little. My husband tried the string/floss/Windex method and nothing. I'm hoping the swelling will go down at some point so I can get it off without having it cut off.

Anyway, I love my wedding rings and feel naked without them. I'm thinking about getting a fake one to wear for the rest of my pregnancy.

Any ladies wearing fake wedding rings? If so, where did you find them so that it doesn't look too fake?"

While some pregnant women wear their wedding rings on a neck chain or, as I did, go wedding-ring commando, many more are buying fake wedding rings in larger sizes to get them through their pregnancies (and perhaps postpartum since puffiness can linger).

"I haven't been able to get my wedding ring off for a year and a half," responded a our site Community member, suggesting a larger-sized fake pregnancy ring might have been a wise idea. "[S]ince my 2nd or 3rd trimester with my first little one, I've gained too much weight and even swelled. It's just stuck until I lose like 35 pounds or more after this [pregnancy]."

Added another our site Community member: "...I did go on Amazon and buy a fake ring just one size bigger in case I can't wear it my whole pregnancy. I feel naked without my ring. I also feel like people look at me different if I don't have it on since I'm clearly pregnant and pretty young."

And another: "I think it's a great idea. I've had several friends do that. It is fun to go get a fake one. I hate not having my rings on, too. This is my third baby so I know I will have to take them off soon because I did with the others..."

I agree fake rings sound smart. I wouldn't have bought one, though, simply because I am not a ring person. Don't get me wrong, I love my wedding rings but I almost never wore a ring until I was engaged. Even now, I take off my rings before bed and I usually remember to put the rings on when I get dressed in the morning. To me, rings are more like bras, which can feel restricting. I wear bras and rings in public but if it's just me at home, I take them off and prefer the freedom.

Also, I've found that icy, soapy water works wonders for loosening rings. And I'm sure places such as Target and Kohl's have inexpensive, fake-ring bling.

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