Long-term breastfeeding affects the baby's oral health!

Long-term breastfeeding affects the baby's oral health!

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Dr. Memorial Atasehir Medical Center, Department of Dental Diseases. Dt. Ezel Yildiz Diamond, gave information about the effect of long-term breastfeeding on oral health in infants.
Breastfeeding is extremely useful for the baby's dental health but…

Breastfeeding is an extremely healthy and natural method. Breast milk contains all the nutrients necessary for the development of infants, giving it immunity to infectious diseases. Breastfeeding also helps to establish a close relationship between the mother and the child, which affects the child's mentally healthy development. Breastfeeding has many benefits for the mother. These include the fact that breast milk is effortless and does not require preparation problems; It helps to strengthen a loving relationship by strengthening the emotional bond between the mother and the baby, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis (osteoporosis) and protecting the mother from anemia.

Breastfeeding has many benefits for the baby. Breastfeeding provides a strong bond between mother and baby. Breastfeeding meets the emotional needs of the baby. Breast milk is a species-specific secretion and no other nutrients can provide the benefits of breast milk to the baby. Breast milk is easier to digest. Babies can digest their mother's milk more easily than other mammals. This is probably due to the species-specific enzyme contained in breast milk. Although there is more protein in cow's milk, it is more difficult to digest and babies cannot use all these proteins. Breast milk is a natural tranquilizer for the baby. Some chemicals contained in breast milk help the baby to fall asleep more easily. Nervous babies calmer more easily. Endorphins in breast milk act as a natural pain reliever for the baby. Breast milk is always clean.

Breast-sucking baby's jaw muscles are healthy

Breast milk has a curative effect on the oral and gingival tissue as well as a destructive effect for bacteria adhering to the thin layer called “biofilm layan covering the tooth surfaces. At the same time, sucking from the breast is more suitable for the baby's teeth and jaw development than sucking from the bottle. The baby's jaw muscles are stronger when they absorb 60 times more energy than the bottle while sucking from the breast. Teeth in a jaw developing properly will become more smooth and healthy.

Caries is a complex disease. Tooth decay is caused by a combination of physical conditions such as tooth mineral structure, increased caries-forming bacteria in the mouth, saliva and time. Caries are mostly already present in the mouth, but the threat increases when the number increases. Mutans ”and akt Laktillobasil” is formed by the presence of two bacteria. Although the intraoral flora (presence and number of bacteria) is not stable between 6 months and 30 months in the human, 71% of the genotypes are examined from mothers and 88% of fingerprint genotypes are passed from nursing mothers.
Do not breast-feed your baby for a long time

However, we should not forget that; Prolonged breastfeeding can also cause erosion (loss of caries) on the surfaces of infant teeth. Although there are no proliferating intraoral bacteria in the baby; acidic structure of milk, mineral structure is not strong milk teeth for a long time in contact with the tooth surface can cause erosion. There are also delays in chewing due to reduced chewing function in children over one year of age who prefer breastmilk instead of eating normal foods.
Is it right to wean the baby early?

Today, some dental health experts in the world think that early weaning has positive effects on dental and oral health. This situation, which has not yet been discussed in our country, is being discussed in America and Europe; It is also true that the effects of long-term breastfeeding on mother and child psychology are open and needy research.

We should not forget that; In line with cultural, traditional and scientific recommendations, breastfeeding of infants, ie breastfeeding, should of course be recommended and supported for the first year. The frequency and duration of this type of nutrition for the years to come is a special choice for both mother and baby. Oral and dental health experts support the breastfeeding of babies in their first months compared to other methods for oral health, however, care must be taken about the duration of breastfeeding and the time when the baby will be weaned.

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