Finally! No more tears at preschool drop off!

Finally! No more tears at preschool drop off!

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My 2-year-old has been going to preschool for about three weeks now. He's never been in daycare and with the exception of a few trips to the gym and the church nursery, he has only been cared for by family. I knew he would love preschool a few mornings each week, but I was definitely nervous about the whole process.

Each day in the carpool line I would sit helpless as his teacher unbuckled my crying boy and assisted him out of his car seat and into the building. My older son would hop out on his own, familiar with the routine and I was happy to see them together. I knew he would get it one day. He won't be sad forever, I told myself as I drove away.

Each day I would anxiously wait at his classroom door for pickup. They release students one at a time to avoid confusion and for security purposes. I appreciate this, but man, was it hard to wait those first few days. At first, Calvin would cry when he saw me. And then as the days passed he would simply smile and run over to "tell" me about his day. This consisted of very fast babbling and words I had no chance of deciphering. But what I saw was a boy who had a great day and it made me happy.

Last week his drop off sobbing slowed down to a pitiful whimper. "Mommy be right back?" he would say between tears. I assured him that I would be. He would relent and get out of the car but I hated driving away when I knew he was upset. Still, I knew he would be OK after a few minutes.

This morning as I pulled into the line and waited for him to realize what was happening and get upset, I was pleasantly surprised. There were no tears. We got closer to the drop off spot and still, two happy children sat behind me. Finally, as the teacher opened the door he said, "help buckles please" and then a matter-of-fact, "mommy right back!" with a smile on his face. Even the teacher was amazed saying, "Yes! That's right! Your mommy WILL be right back."

She hoisted his school bag over his shoulder and they walked into the building with no tears.

Today, I drove away with a huge smile on my face and a weight off my shoulders knowing that we made it. In the long run, he adjusted so quickly and I couldn't be more relieved. I am thankful my boys are in a great school with teachers I trust and I am comforted in knowing that they are having a great time on this new journey of challenges, excitement, and learning.

Most of all? I am beaming with pride for my littlest big boy.

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