What should be considered when preparing for pregnancy?

What should be considered when preparing for pregnancy?

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Doctor controlYou should consult a specialist doctor 3 months before you decide to become pregnant. The doctor may order vaginal smear, cervical culture and some blood tests during the examination. The purpose of the tests is to determine whether you have been infected with vaccine-protected diseases such as Rubella, Hepatitis-B, Toxoplasma and Waterpox. Vaccination may be appropriate if you are not immune to these diseases. Some vaccines contain live viruses (especially rubella, rubella), and pregnancy should be postponed for 3 months after vaccination. Folic acid and zinc can be taken during this period to prevent some congenital injuries.Detection of genetic diseasesAt the first examination before you become pregnant, your doctor will ask if you and your family have inherited diseases. If you have an inherited disease, you should seek genetic advice. If the mother and father have the same disease, you can ask your doctor about the use of assisted reproductive techniques and genetic examination of the embryos during the procedures.

Sexually transmitted diseases Sexual intercourse can affect fertility. You should inform your doctor if you have had this disease. Many sexually transmitted diseases can adversely affect the health of the mother and her unborn child. Diseases such as syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B are serious risks for the baby and are sexually transmitted. The ideal approach is to screen all prospective mothers for these diseases. But economic and social reasons often hinder it. However, if the conditions are appropriate or suspicious, blood tests should be performed. Mycoplasma, herpes, gonorrhea, HPV infections are also sexually transmitted diseases. When one of these diseases is detected in the mother, appropriate treatment methods and measures to protect the baby are determined.Vitamin support and balanced nutritionPrenatal vitamin supplements before pregnancy, especially taking 400 mg of folic acid daily, may reduce the disability of the cerebrospinal system in the baby. It also plays an important role in balanced nutrition in addition to vitamin supplements before and during pregnancy. If anemia is detected in the expectant mother, treatment should be applied before pregnancy. Vitamin B-12 and D supplements are suitable for the expectant mother.Exercise and dietUndoubtedly, the worst period to make weight loss diets is pregnancy. The expectant mother should consume mainly meat, milk, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits throughout her pregnancy. However, the nutrition table can be customized for individuals. 15% weaker than a woman's ideal weight may make ovulation difficult. In addition, nausea and vomiting increase the loss of the child may not be healthy development. For this reason, it is appropriate for the expectant mothers to get together by doing both diet and sports before getting pregnant. Exercises as well as a balanced diet before pregnancy and during pregnancy can facilitate birth. Exercises under professional supervision and in consultation with your doctor protect the health of both the mother and the baby. Conscious exercise can be carried out, provided that you do not pant out during pregnancy. One of the exercises that can be recommended to every expectant mother is to walk without increasing body temperature, panting and the duration of which is determined by the pregnant woman. Sports not recommended for pregnant women include diving, jumping, horseback riding and skiing. The reason for this is the easiness of injuries due to the relaxation of the hormones in the joints of the mothers, edema and the burden of pregnancy. One of the most important points to be considered while doing sports during pregnancy is to eat a sufficient amount, take fluids and avoid overheating. Ventilated, quiet environments and appropriate clothing will allow mothers to exercise more comfortably.Smoking and alcohol useAlcohol, cigarettes and some medicines are the main habits that the expectant mother should say goodbye before getting pregnant. If necessary, help can be obtained from a specialist or center to get rid of these habits.

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