You can give your child 7 days of sleep education

You can give your child 7 days of sleep education

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1 DAY Set up a new layoutRecent research reveals that the baby can distinguish between day and night. He just needs a hint of it. Starting tomorrow, lift your baby early in the morning and wake up at the same time every day. Place the bed near the window and leave the curtains spaced. Daylight will help wake you up. When you put it to sleep, wake up before it gets dark. So he will understand that he must wake up in daylight and sleep at night. Always put him to bed at the same time in the evening.2 DAYSContinue application Continue the program you started yesterday. Remember that at night you can continue to cry as you get hungry. Do the feeding in a slightly dark environment. When you go to bed at night to listen to music, sing a lullaby, make it a habit of reading. After a while, you will realize that when you follow this routine, it is time to go to sleep.3 DAYS The crying Crying is the child's biggest weapon, because what parents can't stand the most. Be patient and instill in yourself the idea of ​​success: “The 8,220th trial will eventually fall asleep! 8221th trial, I won't give up… a If she cries when you try to put her to sleep, don't worry and disturb your order or sleep environment. Let him get used to the sleeping rules you set. Failure to adhere to the program, changing the rules makes children younger than six months more upset. It will cry for up to 15-20 minutes, but bad sleeping habits can last for years. Pretend you're not interested and check the doorway once in a while without noticing it. Avoid turning on the lights, holding them in your arms, giving them a bottle to keep you quiet, otherwise you can be sure that they will cry longer the next night. 4 DAYS Tear wars continue Didn't she cry long last night? You'il spend the night a little more relaxed, cry shorter, but still cry. Don't drop your guard. He needs to see that your rules are clear, not changed by tears. Don't make him feel weak. Or cry twice as much as last night!5 DAYS Focusing on watersMost babies get used to the program in three to five days. Tonight may be your happiest night! Do not enter or check your room every five minutes, stop by at least 15 minutes apart. Some babies feel uncomfortable entering their rooms frequently, so watch over the doorway. One of the most common causes of sleep problems is breastfeeding and changing the bottom. Of course you will, but be as fast and quiet as possible. Do not turn on the lights even when changing diapers. Do not breastfeed too much; so that you do not disturb him, and you do not have to change again.6 DAYSSleeping!It's like you're in a dream, right? Oh, do not break this happiness by removing the rules you have applied for days! Don't go into his room often because it's weird for him to sleep. Put on a warm pajama and don't worry about opening it. Turn down the baby monitor so that you only hear it when you need it. Take care not to behave in the shadow of your success.7 DAYSYour turn to sleepDo yourself a favor and get a deep sleep tonight. Maybe you've been out of sleep for six days, but it's worth it You gave your child a wonderful gift: regular sleeping habits. Your sleep program will of course be disrupted from time to time by factors such as illness and relocation. Don't rush; even babies who have never experienced sleep problems can fail in such cases! If the sleep problem recurs, apply your program from the beginning. The second application will be much easier than the first.

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