Preschool education program

Preschool education program

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In the previous weeks, we talked about 5 different pre-school approaches that have been developed in different countries and are being implemented in every part of the world today. This week, we will include the preschool education program implemented / developed by the Ministry of National Education in our country. Here are the details of this program implemented in our country…

Historical development:

In 1915, the first kindergarten was established with the “Regulation on Main Schools”. It started to gain importance in 1960 with the opening of Girls Technical Higher Teacher Schools. However, the Regulation on Kindergartens was adopted in 1962 and after 1973, pre-school education was included in formal education. In 1992, Preschool Education Directorate was established.

Curriculum Content:

• Development Areas:

Self-care skills

divided into 5 groups.

• Certain days and weeks to be celebrated in schools are specified in the program and the content of the program is shaped accordingly.

Social Area:

When we look at the objectives of today's MONE preschool program; In accordance with the general objectives of Turkish National Education

a) Children; Atatürk, homeland, nation, flag, family and people who adopt love, national and spiritual values ​​connected, self-confident, able to communicate with the environment, honest, principled, contemporary thoughtful, knows the rights and responsibilities, respectful and tolerant within the cultural diversity of individuals make an effort to prepare,
b) To ensure that children develop body, mind and emotions and gain good habits,
c) To ensure that children speak Turkish correctly and beautifully,
d) To give children behaviors such as love, respect, cooperation, responsibility, tolerance, cooperation, solidarity and sharing,
e) To teach children imagination, creative and critical thinking skills, communicating and expressing their emotions,
f) Preparing children for primary education.


• Classroom layout is not required.
• The Atatürk Corner is organized and updated in a manner that creates a meaningful composition that includes Atatürk's revolutions and principles in a suitable place outside the areas where educational activities are held in kindergartens.
• In order to carry out educational activities in a healthy and suitable environment in preschool education institutions, it is essential to have a playground and a garden and arrange it in accordance with its purpose. Arrangements are made when there is no training. While making this arrangement; traffic training track, sand pond, garden play tools, as well as children's science and nature studies to ensure that enough soil space is kept.

Points specific to this approach:

• There is a characteristic that is due to its different physical environment. There is a teacher's desk and Atatürk's Corner in the classroom.
• Public schools are firstly given education to children aged 5-6 years and children must wear the uniform designated by the school.


* This article is taken from İdil Seda Ak and Emine Malak's article titled Farklı 6 Different Approaches in Preschool Period ”.

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