Cognitive development in the first three years

Cognitive development in the first three years

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Different methods can be used to support children's cognitive development. In order to improve the intelligence level of children, families need to be sensitive and to support their children in this regard. Here are some suggestions for supporting your child's intelligence development…

3 Months - Skill:
• Can reach an object standing in front of it.
• Aware that there is a connection between his movements and the world around him.
• The greater the awareness, the more people pay attention to their faces.
• It can silence when you hear music and focus your attention on music.

What can you do?
• Place your baby in the baby seat and place objects that are of interest to him (color-audible) a little further away from him. Guide your baby to reach out and pick up those objects.

6 Months - Skill:
• As he gains control of his body, he begins to sit down without the need for help.
• He tries to respond to you by making noises when we speak. Your baby has realized that speech is a two-way communication.
• Can use both hands at the same time and hold small toys with both hands.

What can you do?
• Allow your baby to sit on a flat surface. If necessary, you can surround it with pillows etc. to prevent it from falling.
• Talk to your baby with your normal voice and stay silent for a while so that he or she can respond to you. Show him how happy you are when he answers you. Play “Ce eee” games.
• When your baby holds a small toy in his hand, give the other hand a toy. Support the toy to move from one hand to the other.

Age - Skill:
• Start to meet basic requirements and understand simple orders.
• Imitates others.
• Can simulate some of your simple movements, even if sudden movements are limited
• He becomes more curious, more interested in the world around him and begins to explore how things work around him.

What can you do?
• Do not do anything for your baby. Let him do his own work by directing him using simple words.
• Multiply the two objects that make a sound by teaching each other how to make a sound. Your baby will also follow you.
• Place two objects that will make a sound in a small box. Shake the box and give it to him and ask him to shake it.
• Store the toy under a cushion or box, and help find it.

Two years - Skill:
• As body coordination improves, it can go down and up stairs.
• Listens to conversations. Your child is now aware of the importance of language and speech in everyday life.
• As the ability to use an object instead of something else develops, it begins to play with teddy bears and babies. This creates various playgrounds for your baby.

What can you do?
• Give your child many opportunities to run, jump and climb with your help.
• Encourage your child to listen and ask questions when you speak.
• Give your child a variety of toys, such as puppets, colored papers and pencils, so that your child can play imaginative games.
• Store your toy in different places and help him find it.

Three years - Skill:
• Your child can now compare two different objects. He can tell which one is smaller or bigger.
• Can use the language better. Your child has developed a dictionary vocabulary, and you can now build longer and more complex sentences using simple adjectives.
• See similarities between objects. It can match objects as well as those of the same color.

What can you do?
• Fill one large and small glass with water and ask which one is the most.
• Play word games with your child, sing children's songs. Read stories.
• Ask him questions to improve his color matching skill. Ask which crayons and sweater are the same color. Name the shapes.
• Have him play with jigsaw puzzles.

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