20 super-bizarre pregnancy side effects; it's not just you!

20 super-bizarre pregnancy side effects; it's not just you!

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Chrissy Teigen recently shed some light on a super-bizarre pregnancy side effect no one talks about: so-called pregnancy nose. Upon sharing her predicament with this unpredictable symptom of pregnancy on social media, other moms-to-be have been virtually nodding along.

"I am so glad you mentioned this because all the women in my family get the pregnancy nose so i literally thought it was hereditary lmao," one commenter said.

"My nose got so big with each of my pregnancies I was surprised it didn’t end up with stretch marks lol," another joked.

While I am not experiencing pregnancy nose, at 34 weeks, I have my fair share of oddball side effects, like constant congestion and even frequent bloody noses. My feet also ache like they are bruised on the bottom.

But that's nothing compared to the super-bizarre pregnancy side effect one woman shared for a post written by the lovely Joyce Slaton. As this mom confessed, “I have turned the toilet seat in my house purple! This also happened with both pregnancies and it’s a butt-shaped purple mark. I can’t bleach it out either. We’ll just have to replace the seat after the baby is born." It seems this colorful phenomenon has something to do with certain women's pH balance during pregnancy.

I asked moms to spill about their weirdest pregnancy side effects, and here's what they told me changed with their bodies while they were growing another one.

"Bigger feet.. they were growing in size."

"Sciatica pain. I've watched my older co-workers fight it but never thought it would happen to me until way later in life."

"I began having contractions that felt like labor at 25 weeks. After an overnight in L & D with no 'progress,' I was diagnosed with 'irritable uterus!' Those contractions were painful and could be triggered by almost anything... needing to use the restroom, not drinking enough water (it was hard to find a balance between those!), brushing up against something, stress, lack of sleep, walking too much, sneezing...pretty much everything. I was given a soft muscle relaxer but only allowed to use it for a couple weeks even though the condition lasted until delivery. I felt like I was in stage 1 labor for 13 weeks. Survived it, though."

So many weird things happen to your body when you're pregnant:

Your face can swell, as can your hands and feet. I've had to wear my wedding rings on a chain around my neck for months.

Your boobs can double in size, like mine have, you can become super-sensitive to smells, and your hair can even grow in darker. Thanks Mother Nature!

Of course, don't forget about varicose veins, having to pee every 45 seconds, producing excess saliva, dizziness, nausea, food aversions, and, in my case, not being able to drink water. Not one sip in nearly nine months. It makes me so queasy, I want to puke, so instead I sip Vitamin Water.

Yay pregnancy!

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