8 reasons being hugely pregnant in the summer isn't so bad

8 reasons being hugely pregnant in the summer isn't so bad

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Being heavily pregnant in the summer heat can be exhausting and even miserable. But as temperatures rise and my belly grows, I'm finding some things to enjoy about this steamy time of year coinciding with my due date. So if you too are sweating and grunting your way through your final weeks of pregnancy underneath the summer sun, consider these benefits.

You don't have to squeeze into multiple layers of clothing. Personally, I found wearing a sweater, pants, boots and a winter jacket while pregnant to be extremely restrictive and uncomfortable. Plus, I'd get to my destination and the heat would be turned up, and I'd want to vomit or pass out.

In the summer, you get to slip into a roomy maternity dress and go. How freeing! And so much more relaxed-feeling.

Two words: Air conditioning. If it's too dang hot outside, you have an excuse to go indoors and let the AC blast in your face. And on your bump.

One word: Pool. If you are lucky enough to have access to a pool during the end of your pregnancy, well amen! You can just float around with that big belly and wait to go into labor.

You get to sport bare feet! When your tootsies are swelling, no cramming them into tight shoes.

Summer snacks abound. Cheetos at the beach? Yes please! Plus no one will judge you for waiting in line for the ice cream truck right along with the kids. Just try not to cut the line.

You can blame your fat fingers on the summer heat. Don't everyone's digits swell in humidity?

Summer is all about low-maintenance hair and makeup. One less thing to do when you're feeling tired and lazy and huge and pregnant.

You don't have to travel to get sun. You aren't allowed to fly or sit in the car for long periods of time, but you don't need to. It's warm and sunny everywhere!

Just be sure to hydrate and wear sunscreen, mamas!

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