What awaits your lion sign in 2016?

What awaits your lion sign in 2016?

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Your character is almost re-created in 2006. When Saturn entered your sign on July 17, 2005, changes began in your life; you started learning new things. This year you will work hard. You will help others to work and show themselves. But that doesn't mean you're workaholic. As of November 24, 2006, you will be rewarded with more work and more time for entertainment.

Still, you don't have to wait until this date to have fun. Start enjoying life already. Love, social life and family will always be at the forefront for you as always. Home and family matters will take place in your life until November 24, and children, entertainment and creativity will take place in your life after November 24.

Philosophy, education and travels will be on the agenda after June 23rd, with personal changes, sex, psychology and deeper aspects of life going on until June 23rd. Now, let's look at the developments that are waiting for you next year.

Home and family
There is happiness in your home. You can move to a larger house, buy valuables for your home, or sell a property and make money. A new member can join your family, that is, one of the family members can give birth and be married. You can even meet someone like that, you can see him as one of your family. Children will spend more time at home. You can host the children of your neighbors or friends, or even a child from abroad with the exchange program at home. Some of you might even consider adopting a child.

Family members will be more generous to each other, both financially and spiritually. Your mother or father can help you. An overseas trip may take place from 1 January to 5 March. Suitable for decoration and repairs from 23 October to 6 December.

Love and social life
Your love and social life has been very active for several years. Your relationship didn't last long. You look more serious about love and commitment this year. A more controlled and calm person will enter your life. It can be a lover, a colleague or partner… You won't have to do anything to impress this person. He's already gonna come and find you.

On the other hand, in 2006 you will have other romantic flirts. Some Lions 'My heart or listen to my logic?' he will ask himself. Your happiest social period is between 20 January - 20 March, 21 June - 22 July, 23 October - 21 November. Your most stressful period is between 20 May - 21 June, 23 August - 22 September, 22 November - 21 December.

Finance and career
Family, home, children, love, health are on your agenda this year. But we can't say the same about your career and financial situation. This does not mean that you will not make any money or there will be no change in your career.

In 2006, there will be times when you will be very ambitious and rise in your career. Especially from 21 July to 30 September, 1 January to 17 February and 5 March to 24 June you will have a very active business life. You can receive new job offers. You'll be lucky to work all year round. Moreover, you will not need to do much, offers will come to you. You will choose from. If you're in charge of your own business and you're going to get new staff, let's say you have a lot of alternatives. Your family will support you financially and if you are married you will also receive support from your spouse.
Your finance planet, Mercury, is moving very fast. But sometimes it goes back. Especially between 2-25 March, 4-29 July and 28 October-18 November you should be careful. If you are going to sign an agreement or invest in this period, do good research. isfrom.

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