About motherhood with Bihter Dinçel: Let the child be free!

About motherhood with Bihter Dinçel: Let the child be free!

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How's the pregnancy going?
I'm in the twenty-third week, so I'm counting in the sixth month. We can say we've crossed half the way. Everything was fine, it went well. In the first months I had some nausea, my sleepiness increased, I became sensitive to odors, but all of these were normal symptoms. Even after hearing what people experience during pregnancy, I don't qualify my own problems as complaints. That's why I'm having a good pregnancy.

Yeah. I wouldn't have thought I'd get over something so classic, but I'd get over plum. My dear husband Barış even brought plums from the other end of Istanbul in two halves of the night. Then I ate plenty of lemon. That's why everyone thought the baby would be a girl.

Yeah, it usually has that kind of blood.
But I found out I'd have a son eating plum, quince and lemon.

When exactly did you learn your gender?
We learned your sex on the sixteenth week. Actually, we were hoping to learn a week ago, but he closed his legs and turned his butt, we couldn't find out!

What did you think would happen?
I always thought it was gonna be a girl. It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. But for some reason, I had this feeling that I'd be a girl. I even misled Barış from these feelings. When the doctor asked us, izce What sex do you think? Ik we said “Girl! Aynı at the same time. He replied, "Well, what about this pip?" Then my wife and I cried a lot. I didn't cry this much when I found out I was pregnant.

What impressed you so much?
I think after the sex is determined, we start to position the baby as a person in our minds.

In fact, in the statements you have given before, you have sentences starting with olursa If a man “başlayan.
I didn't give any of those statements. This is the first time I've ever spoken and I'm only talking to you. The reason I talk to you is because you're a naive magazine that your enthusiast reads. Other than that, I haven't spoken anywhere. I never made a sentence like olursa If there is a boy, if there is a girl Bas.

The sentence “If it is a man, we will call it War yanlış is wrong then.
All this and all of the expressions like that are made up. I'm very curious how it was even learned that I was pregnant. Because I did a test at home, I went to the doctor two days after the result was positive, the next day I read the news that I was pregnant.

Which hospital did you go to?
I went to my doctor's clinic. It's a place I've been to and trusted for years. There's probably something going on on the set, and the news flies in a moment of hop.

More interestingly, after these news, "If the name of the war, we will put his name, we will live it with the name of" news that the output. On the contrary, we never had such an idea. We met with a reporter friend the other day at a wedding. The reporters asked again, what will you name him? I said, "You wrote it or what your name would be." “We've just guessed that you'd call it War, arkadaş the correspondent friend said!

So he confessed to lying news?
Yeah. We haven't decided what his name is yet. The first name or the second name may be War or not at all. We don't have a hundred percent decision right now.

Was it a planned baby?
Actually, it was both planned and not. I mean, it's just now, and then we found out that I was pregnant at a time. Actually, I feel like this is better. Because when you want to or not you can experience great frustration, it becomes more difficult to obsess.

How did you share this news with Mr. Barış?
I was on the set the day I found out I was pregnant, and I'd be on the set all day. So I asked my very close friend to take a test at the pharmacy. I did the test at home and found it positive. My wife was at the GS-FB game played in Aslantepe for the first time and she was coming home very late. I was eating inside. I called and asked how the game was going. Fenerbahce was depressed because he was defeated, and I said, “You are a father getirmek to fulfill your morale. First he didn't understand the noise, and then he thought I was joking. We both cried over the phone for joy.

What happened when you got home?
We couldn't resist, we gave everyone a call and shared our joy. The next day I had my set and my goal was to keep my mouth and prevent it from spreading immediately. I wore a tight dress and went to the set. How beautiful you are, your dress is very beautiful when they say, "E soon I can not wear such things anymore," I told everyone I was pregnant. Turns out how much I wanted to share this story. People can't really hide it. With two hearts, two souls, two people, how can this be hidden? You almost become another human being.

What kind of Bihter do I have right now?
I was always very emotional and juicy, but my perception and sensitivity increased five times after getting pregnant. Nevertheless, indifference is fivefold. Because the things you've been obsessed with before seem so pointless… I wasn't the one who put everything in his head, and now I'm even more unconcerned.

Are you talking to him?
Yeah, I talk a lot every day. I'm telling you everything I can think of. Besides, I've been keeping a book on her since I found out I'm pregnant. I write everything. I'm talking about his brothers and sisters who proposed names for him. Sometimes I get bored, I teach him a few swearing words. To be prepared for life (laughs)! I tell him the things that seem funny to me o When I put my hand on my belly and start talking to him, he reacts to me.

Do you read books to prepare better for this period?
I read, but rather than books with theoretical knowledge, I prefer to read the writers who wrote their memories during their pregnancy or told about their experiences in child care. Because the nature and balance of each child is different. So I don't want to be bound by one theory.

Do you plan to have circumcision immediately after birth?
If everything goes well and comes just in time, I'm thinking of having a circumcision. I want him never to remember such a hardship, to experience the pressure.

How do you feed?
Actually, I can't say that I pay much attention, I don't even pay attention at all. I'm a bad example (laughs). So far I have not gained too much weight; I gained six pounds in six months. I keep my old eating habits exactly, my portions just increased a bit. I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. Milk and yogurt are a must. Other than that, I eat a lot of ice cream. I wouldn't normally be able to eat heavy things like frying, which continues in my pregnancy.

Do you plan to attend childbirth preparation courses in the following months?
No, I don't think so. I was already doing sports and yoga before I got pregnant. I went to pregnancy yoga during the tenth week of my pregnancy, and I was very pleased, but it was more likely to go to yoga during the last months of pregnancy. So I took a break from my classes, and I've been going on to her in the last months.

How do you plan to give birth?
I want it to be a normal birth. I'm so scared of a caesarean. A caesarean section is an operation… The other is called “normal” birth. My doctor says it's early to talk about it right now, and in the thirty-sixth week, it'il all be clear.

What is Barış Bey feeling excited about?
Peace was very exciting, he wanted to be a father anyway. You can play with a child for days without ever getting bored, so he loves children hugely. And now the idea of ​​having her own kid drives her crazy.

Is she going into labor?
No! Neither of us.

Because then everything will be more dramatic. If he sees me then he can't stand and faint, and I can't stand to see Peace in that state. So Barış will be the father who picks up at the gate of the delivery room.

What kind of mother do you think you are?
I have no idea, frankly. I can't predict anything. Because I used to say, “If I was pregnant, I would gain a lot of weight, I would eat a lot”. I would say, üm My face is very swollen, and nothing like that happened. That's why I can't say anything. But I want to be a good mother, I want to raise a free and comfortable child. Apart from that, I dream of breastfeeding my baby for a long time.

Is it difficult to work while pregnant?
I haven't been forced so far. Our set is already enjoyable. We thought that the show would end this summer but they decided to continue because they were so popular. I don't know what they're gonna do to me in the script. By the time this interview is published, I probably found out. We will try to collect my scenes once a week after birth.

It will be difficult…
Yeah, but I don't want to babysit my baby. I probably have an assistant at home, and I take care of my baby while I work on that house. I keep going for a year like this, I think I'll come back to my old tempo after the palm of the hand.

You were pregnant in the series you are currently playing. What are the differences between being pregnant and acting?
There's not much difference, actually. In my role, I played a very active woman who was comfortable with her pregnancy. I used to put my hand on my stomach, and now I'm doing the same. My sitting is almost the same role I did when I took off. I was on my way to the hospital screaming in an ambulance to give birth in the series, and now I'm really curious about it!

How many children do you want?
As a female, I have never dreamed of marrying or having children. The day I got married, I said to my lover, yok I don't have a dream of a wedding dress. It was his idea to have a country wedding. I think life is better when it is unplanned, more fun.

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