Ideal training times for preschool children

Ideal training times for preschool children

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There is very little time left for the second semester of the school year, with parents on the one hand and children eagerly awaiting a new period. Some parents may experience this period more hectic, because their children want to change their schools and because of this decision they are experiencing the registration process again.

The family I met last week is one of the families who have gone through this process. His children are 4-year-old kindergarten students. Although the family sent their children to a school last semester, they decided to make a change of school and they are experiencing an exciting, bustling and problematic period. When I talked to the child's mother, the problem she told me was this; Although the child goes to a full-time school in the first semester, the school he / she will attend in the new term has a half-day program. As such, the family could not decide which education system would be more beneficial for the child, so he wondered how this change would affect the child.

Based on the problem, I have devoted the topic of this week to the comparison of full-day and half-day training programs.

Full Day Programs:

These programs, which are widely used in preschool education in our country, offer a lot of opportunities to develop the child's academic skills. Because in order to carry out a full-day program, educators enrich the content of the program with various academic studies, for example, English time, music time gibi

Benefits of the full-day program:

• The child understands the routine in school much more easily.
• The child has the opportunity to develop his academic skills in a much shorter time.
• Adapt to social life more easily.

Half-Day Programs:

This system, which is applied in public schools in our country, is mostly focused on providing care to the child instead of academic studies. The child continues his or her education by participating in any period from morning to noon or from noon to evening. We can say that these programs, which have much shorter education times compared to full-day programs, provide various opportunities for children.

Benefits of the half-day program:

• We can say that it is an ideal educational program especially for young children, because young children do not want to get away from home very much.
• Cost-effective system for parents.
• Because fewer children participate in these programs, children are more likely to receive a higher quality education than crowd classes.

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