When to start toilet training for children?

When to start toilet training for children?

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When the weather gets hot, the time comes for toilet training, which is postponed for fear of a cold in the winter. International Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist View Duygu's Full Profile According to the results of some scientific studies, girls provide more comfortable toilet control than boys.

Children are often ready for toilet training from 18 months to three years. Children of this age range once a day, usually within one hour of eating, toilets.

They prefer the most after breakfast for Kaka. Since they consume plenty of water and liquid foods, they also have to pee in half or an hour. Mothers follow these time intervals to facilitate toilet training.

Urine and large toilet control changed from child to child, indicating that the order. Duygu Gür Ünal, β€œIn some children, the bladder matures first; they can hold urine more easily. Some children say they have toilets months before urine control. However, the day and night sequence is the same: after day urine control, night urine control is started. Night urine control can be extended to four years of age. ”

Two requirements must be met

Referring to the two main conditions of urine control Dr. Duygu Gur Unal states that the child should be physically and psychologically ready for toilet control and gives the following information:

Için For physical preparation, the child needs to tell the face of his urine or large toilet with his facial expression, position and behavior. It is also important that he can keep his diapers dry for up to two hours a day. The signs that he is psychologically ready are that the child is in harmony with the mother or caregiver, is able to follow simple orders, and feel uncomfortable with his dirty diaper. ”

Tips for mothers

In fact, it is possible to realize the toilet training of the child through the cooperation between mother and child. Achieving this can be accomplished by both the mother's and the child's efforts.

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