What should be the sleep order of the mother after childbirth?

What should be the sleep order of the mother after childbirth?

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Many babies sleep about five hours at night until they are three months old. When they are six months old, it is possible to increase their night sleep to 9 to 12 hours.

As you strive to put him to sleep, you can also develop more comfortable sleeping methods for yourself. If you have difficulty, make the environment more comfortable to sleep. Make your bed and pillow comfortable for sleeping, turn off the TV, and keep the room cool and dark. Do not take nicotine, caffeine and alcohol to your bedtime. If you cannot sleep within 30 minutes after going to bed, get up and find yourself an occupation and then try to sleep again.

Don't pay too much attention to your baby: It will tire you to follow your baby's breathing while you are lying in your bed. See if your baby's crying is unusual.

Share your responsibilities at night: Sharing tasks with your partner allows you to relax and take care of your baby. For example, if you are breastfeeding your baby, your partner can bring your baby with you and change the diaper. If you bottle-feed your baby, you can give it to the food alternately.
Don't be in a hurry: Sometimes your baby's crying or making noise is considered to be signs of calming down. If your baby is not hungry or uncomfortable, try waiting for a while to cool down.

Accept your friends' help offers: Don't turn down offers to care for people you love and trust around you. You don't just have to go to your room to sleep to relax. Even one hour will allow you to regain your energy.

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