Adoption of all aspects

Adoption of all aspects

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What is the concern-situation of the adoptive family before adoption?In general, parents who cannot have children have argued for a long time until they decide to adopt; they were faced with reactions such as being accused and not being understood by the close environment and they wavered in hesitation and anxiety. "Where did this child come from? Who is his mother and father? What are the health and mental and physical characteristics of his mother and father? Under what conditions did the child live? What kind of influences did he have?" The questions that kind of children who want to adopt the head of the families, who missed the sleep are questions. Some of these families forget these questions as soon as they reach a child through adoption, they stop seeking answers to these questions, and some of them feel uneasy for life because these questions remain unanswered.What is the adoption process of the adopted child and the family?Often people want a newborn baby for adoption. They feel that it will be easier for them to feel as if they are their own, and for the child to know them. When he comes home, of course, the family will have a hard time adjusting to this situation. These difficulties are actually the difficulties of living with a baby at home. It doesn't make much difference whether the child is adopted or adopted. The baby quickly adopts the family he / she lives in and there is no problem for the baby.When should he tell the child that he is adopted and how should he be told?The truth should be told to the child as young as possible by the adoptive mother or father in plain language. The child should not be expected to understand this immediately; During these explanations, the event should not be exaggerated, excessive emotionality should not be involved, and the child should be treated in a natural way. The child should be enlightened on this issue and be told that his mother and father are not self. In the meantime, the concept of family should be gained to the child; It should be explained that the real family of a child is a parent who raises, educates, educates, meets his needs, and cares for him.How to approach the child who reacts to adoption? After learning that he is an adopted child, the child can ask who the mother and father are, whether they are alive, why they were abandoned, where they found him, and where and how he was before he became a member of this family. The answers given to these questions should be truthful, address the age and maturity level of the child, and there should be consistency between the answers of the parents. No unanswered questions should be left in the child's mind, and there should be no doubt. To win the love of the child, self-parents should not be disparaged. What should be done if the biological family occurs?After the emergence of his biological family, if he insists on being more persistent and demands continuous interviews, it should be communicated that it will be more harmful than not much benefit. It is necessary to follow the child's psychology well in that process and to get professional help in that process.What is the approach of the close circle to adoptive couples? How should the family behave?Adoption When news spread around the first, although not very common in Turkey may behave somewhat reactive. Some families are worried about the future, while others want to prevent them from being gossiped. The adoptive family has already made a decision on this issue and can enjoy having children on this path without ignoring it.

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