Growing kids with stepmother father

Growing kids with stepmother father

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It should not be forgotten that it is not easy for the child to be separated from his / her parents, and empathy with the child should be tried. As the reason for the child's mood is the stress he / she has experienced until the first moment, the stepmother or father should not personalize it or show susceptibility. It should be remembered that the child will need a certain amount of time to get used to the environment and other people in the home. Behavioral defects, anxiety and depression symptoms of the child should be understood and professional support should be obtained if necessary.
What concerns does the child have in this process?Moving from a familiar order to a new environment can create tension in the child. The child, whose confidence is damaged by the separation of his / her parents, can be worried and upset by thinking about how his / her parents will live from now on, where he / she will stay, whether there will be significant losses in his / her life and where he / she will meet the new person (step-mother / father).
What worries do parents who send their child to their foster parents?In this difficult process, as well as children, parents who will send their child to foster family members may have some concerns. Parents may experience anxiety because of their thoughts that their children will be detached / detached from them, that their child will develop mood and behavioral changes and that their child will be treated badly.
How can the situation of the child living in the other home be learned without reflecting the concerns on him?Children tend to show the negativity they have experienced. This situation can also be said to feel like I have to brake. In fact, the word al al news from the child ”is a promise that supports this situation. If the child develops behavioral deficiencies or changes in emotions contrary to expectations, care must be taken. However, it is the healthiest attitude not to resort to such research, considering that the child is uneasy and will learn wrong behaviors from his parents. The best thing is that both parents (even if separated) act jointly in determining attitudes towards the child.
What should the child's parent / father fill the child against the foster parent and the other party feels?It is important not to act without certain information on this subject and not to make this struggle over the child. In case such a thing is detected, the parents should position themselves according to the child's psychology. Instead of responding to the information received from the child, an interview with the other parent should be planned and the child should be given a joint explanation.
If the child is being searched and controlled by his / her own family every hour while the child is in the step-parent and the other party is uncomfortable, what kind of solution should be followed?The caller should be told that this control may lead to insecurity in the child, that the concerns about the child are understood, that there is no reason to cause these concerns and that an agreement must be made on the basis of trust for the healthy development of the child. The ways of reaching the child should not be obstructed and the struggle should not be conducted on the child (if any).
If the step-parent, who generally has a negative perception in the community, has such a perception in the eyes of the child, what kind of attitude should the step-parent follow?They should try to understand the child's thoughts. It should be accurately stated that even if her parents leave, she cannot / cannot replace them. It should be remembered that the child may not be the cause of the negative perception of the child and that the child may be experiencing these feelings after separation and loss. The child should be given time to adapt to the post-divorce period.
What should the family do if the child does not allow the step-parent to take care of him / her?The process can provide clues. If it is like a continuation of a situation starting before the divorce; guilt, loss of self-confidence, depression; If it occurs after divorce and after the step-parent / mother-father, problems with approaching the child and explaining the process should be considered first.
What kind of psychology does it create for the child if both sides want to talk about the child and try to learn what happened?For the healthy development of the child, the consistency of the parents is very important. For the sake of information, when the child is introduced, the child can recognize the struggle and use it for his or her own interests. If this situation persists, the probability of being an individual who gets what he wants and who has the problem of obeying social rules increases.

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