I just had to have it! (gear splurges)

I just had to have it! (gear splurges)

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  • With all of the gear that promises to make childcare easier, it's hard to know which items are worth the extra money. Ten moms tell us about their splurges – and why they were worth every penny.

    I splurged on the Mountain Buggy Duo because I didn't want to go through several prams. I'll be using it all the time since I walk everywhere, and I think that with twins it's worth it to get items as user friendly as possible! – Jen

  • Our Boba baby carrier was $125, but I wear it everywhere we go. I researched for weeks, and when I tried this one on with my girl, she instantly passed out! I knew it was the one for us. – Tasha

  • I went with the Baby Trend Travel System with jogging stroller. I loved the ergonomic handle on the car seat and how easy it is to get in and out of the car with the base. The jogging stroller was a great choice for me because it is very easy to push, and I'm able to walk my dog along with it. I love this travel system! – Brittany

  • We love our Ergo. It makes shopping so much easier, plus I can do work around the house. Our daughter loves it, and I like how I can wear it in the front, back, or on my hip. Plus I love the pocket in the front. It's great to store a paci, keys, and phone. – nkster781

  • My diaper bag is the best! There are no dumb characters on this guy, plus I can continue using it when we no longer need a diaper bag. – marshall0303

  • We totally splurged on the Britax Marathon 70 car seat. My son has so much more room now, and he loves it. With all of the great safety features, the seat was definitely worth every penny. – Bonnie

  • I'm glad I splurged on the BabyHawk. It was the best choice in baby carrier. I spent nearly two weeks choosing the fabric color and prints, and the wait for it to arrive in the mail was excruciatingly long! – Leanna

  • We splurged on a $220 Maclaren lightweight stroller, even though we already had one, to accommodate our daughter's spica cast for hip dysplasia. We love it because it fits her cast perfectly and allows her to sit in a comfortable position! – Krissy

  • We splurged on the Stokke highchair because we have a rather small house and every other highchair on the market was a space hog. I love it because our daughter is able to sit at the table, participating in meals. It was worth it because it grows with her and we won't have to buy a booster seat in the future. – Rae

  • I splurged on the BOB Revolution double jogging stroller. My husband and I are both avid runners. This stroller allowed me to get my runs in during the new baby's first year and lets us run together. It was worth the price! – Sarah

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