Great clothes for new moms

Great clothes for new moms

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  • Fourth-trimester style

    You now know for sure that your body is capable of certifiable miracles. Still, it’s possible—and understandable—to feel less than thrilled with post-baby wardrobe options. You’re done with maternity, but pre-pregnancy favorites don’t fit. Take a minute to find some pieces that celebrate your own beautiful transitioning shape.

  • A pretty nursing bra

    Something as simple as a nursing bra that is functional and attractive can do wonders for your state of mind. Choose cotton-lined cups and soft, stretchy lace. Look for styles with additional hook-and-eye fastenings to accommodate your fluctuating bust size.

  • A flowy hip-length top

    Clingy shirts are probably not going to make any new mom feel great about her midsection. A silky fabric fabric top that grazes the top of the hips draws the eye down and streamlines your middle.

  • A trim blazer

    Adding height in the shoulders will frame your shape and minimize your bust, if you’re feeling self-conscious in that department. Plus, a longer slim-cut blazer makes you feel pulled together, even if you’re just wearing a T-shirt and jeans underneath. Look for a fabric with a little stretch for comfort.

  • Ultra-soft leggings

    You may be ready to burn your third-trimester maternity leggings, but let’s be honest: They’re versatile and comfortable (especially if you’re dealing with a C-section). Treat yourself to a new pair, and wear with a flowy blouse or chunky sweater.

  • A slouchy button-down shirt

    Wear this with your leggings and roll the sleeves up for a comfy-chic vibe. The collar and pockets give the shirt sophistication, and the front buttons make it a fantastic nursing option.

  • Statement jewelry

    There’s a small window before your baby starts grabbing at your jewelry; seize these moments to enjoy a little sparkle, even if your fanciest plans involve receiving guests in your living room.

  • Supportive shapewear

    Not that you need a different shape, but a stretchy-yet-firm undergarment can feel very supportive in those postpartum days. Many styles can be worn over a nursing bra, too.

  • A sweet swingy dress

    If you’re up for a night out, or you have to go back to work, an A-line silhouette is your new best friend. Amp up the statement with a fun pattern or bold color.

  • A snazzy printed scarf

    The beauty of a casual scarf: (1) Suddenly even the plainest T-shirt looks like an “outfit”; (2) size is not an issue; (3) any spit-up you might be sporting is now covered!

Sarah Bernard is a TV reporter and journalist who covers parenting, health & fitness and pop culture. She lives in New York City with her husband and twin daughters.

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