Jenin's journal (7 months)

Jenin's journal (7 months)

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26 weeks old; 750 grams of fat under my skin now accumulates. My mother was very angry because I moved my arms and legs so much, she was shouting while talking to her mother, I was so scared why she got so angry. My father said it was because he felt sudden contractions and loosening. These are called Braxton-Hicks contractions. When the contractions are painful, my mother thinks I'll come early and surprise her, but I'm not angry at her. Sometimes there are cramp-like pains, low back pain, currents, bowel cramps that are similar to my mother's menstrual pains, everyone suspects me again, I said, or I'll come early. How do I come before the air sacs in my lungs complete their formation and the vision and hearing waves in my brain are fully operational.

27 weeks old; My heart beats so fast. (120-160 / min.), We walk with my mother when it is bright, when we walk in the dark, my father is also with us, my mother drinks a lot of water, I gain a lot of weight because of her I do not fit here. So I climb up in my mother's belly all the time, so it's hard for me to breathe deeply, but that doesn't affect me, when I get pregnant, some hormones make her breathe more often, so I can use plenty of oxygen. They are constantly talking about my weight 950 gr. I've been, I'm very glutton like my father, I've gained a lot of weight, so I look like him, I started to wonder more about him.

I'm 28 weeks old, but my skin is still wrinkled and pink, or isn't that natural cream on my body working? That's why I have such chaotic thoughts, I get bored, I kick my mom. Today the little painters came, they grew my hair, finished my eyebrows and eyelashes. My mother and father from a book I'm 37 cm tall and my weight 1 kg. They told me it was. They've been talking to me since they found out I heard them.

I am 29 weeks 1.3 kg. I can't stand very much because of my mother, I get tired quickly and something called blood pressure again, so we always rest. He said to my father: orum I feel like I will get pregnant forever, my stomach itches, I'm too fat to breathe, my stomach is burning, my legs are cramping, I'm aching everywhere ”. My father comforted him, said all of this would pass. Then we went for a walk because the doctor said walking was the best exercise for my mother. He also told him not to complain like that I heard everything, I could cut, yes I heard everything, now I can smell, I can see, I can taste and I'm sorry to hurt you mother.

I am 30 weeks old; these days, my mother always lies on her left side so that the blood flow to the organs and blood flow is prevented in the least way. When she is forced to sleep in this way, she puts a pillow under her belly or under her legs. In the absence of heartburn, it holds the upper part of the body slightly above the lower part. My Lanugo hairs began to disappear, I can open and close my eyelids regularly, of course, I'm 1.5 pounds now. You know, my bone marrow can make blood now ...

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