Healthy winter tips for families and children

Healthy winter tips for families and children

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Observing that the period when the babies and children of the families feel most tired is the end of February, Prima Expert Board Member Prof.Dr. Dr. Mehmet Vural advises families to avoid unconscious vitamins.“Vitamins and Mineral supplements must be used for targeted and physician guidance”Professor Dr. Mehmet Vural, especially in the pharmacy shelves of vitamins and mineral drugs that attract almost every parent's attention and most of the families do not receive these mixtures, "he does not show enough attention to their children," he said, noting that all the infants and children should not necessarily receive such scientific data that draws attention. Professor Dr. Vural recommends that “the most accurate approach is to provide more targeted, specific vitamins and mineral supplements, rather than all-inclusive mixtures, if doctors consider it necessary”.“It is more important for children to sleep adequately in winter and to eat regularly diğerVural, the period when children feel the most tired, the last days of February, the school, as well as children's participation in other sports and art activities increases fatigue, he says. Intercurrent illnesses that increase the feeling of fatigue Vural, during this period, negatively affect the immune system should not forget that sleep, children's lessons and activities to regulate sleep in disruptive underlines the benefit. Good nutrition supports the immune system, children's meals, pulses, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and milk foods should be included. Other sports and artistic activities of children as well as the causes of fatigue. With the increasing number of diseases in the same period, sleep patterns and nutrition of children are even more important. It should be kept in mind that especially low sleep will affect the immune system in a negative way and children's lessons and activity hours should be adjusted correctly.Çocuklar In winter, when infections are very common, children should be taken to airy places instead of crowded environments ”Vural, infections in the winter season is very common, so children in crowded environments rather than putting them in airy places such as gardens and forests suggests. Vural also points out that parents need to wash their hands when they return home from work and children before school and meals, and reminds that the handkerchiefs used after sneezing should not be left out.

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