How to do baby gymnastics?

How to do baby gymnastics?

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Baby gymnastics consists of activities arranged in accordance with normal developmental processes with babies aged between 6 months -3 years. Physiotherapist Oya Koçer, Bebek Baby gymnastics activity, which is approved by pediatricians and pedagogues and gives positive results in both healthy children and children with hyperactivity and speech difficulties, is a conscious and healthy practice. Leri

Babies complete their sitting, crawling and walking activities in their normal developmental processes. Balance and coordination development is a fun and sometimes challenging experience for the baby and it is one of the activities that he / she has achieved and succeeds. Oya Koçer “Discharging accumulated energy helps materials in various shapes and sizes to comprehend color, size and differences, language development, physical skills development, hand-eye coordination, body muscles development, and fine hand muscles development. The baby continues its normal development from the moment it was born, and starts its experiments for recognizing and perceiving itself in time.

1-6 months

• Head control reflexes improve the viewing angle, are regular in movements and raise the head with arms supported.
• Sits, turns and grasps with support during 6-9 months.
• Sits, struggles and stands with support in 9-12 months.

Oya Koçer explains the purpose of baby gymnastics in this period as follows: “My goal in my baby gymnastics is to provide exercises that will help them develop their musculoskeletal system as well as to enable them to move freely.

Gymnastics for 6 months-1 year olds

The goal for 1 hour is to ensure both physical activity and fitness. It is provided that the mother is comfortable while exercising with her baby and that the working mothers feel good because they can spend time with her. The baby's happiness to be with the mother makes her joints move and helps the mother to get closer to her baby and get to know her body better.

Children's Gymnastics

Climbing a series of rings, tunnels, for the development of large and small muscle groups
trampoline, rocking, stairs, physo-ball activities and musical play groups are organized in the form. With this gymnastics program, which helps to understand color, size and differences with materials of various shapes and sizes, language development, physical skills development, and the development of thin hand muscles, children share a social environment and gain the freedom to share, decide and choose.

General benefits of all exercises

1- Development of musculoskeletal system
2- Gaining coordination and balance
3- Recognizing and loving sports
4- Durability reduces the risk of injury.
5- To develop self-knowledge and confidence
6- Helps to gain courage.

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