The 7 best subscription boxes for kids

The 7 best subscription boxes for kids

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  • Subscription boxes – a surprise box of fun delivered to your door at regular intervals (usually every month) – are great gifts, especially when you're spending extra time at home. Not only does your child get a present right away; they can look forward to receiving several more gifts during the next year. Prolong the gift-giving with these subscription boxes for kids as young as several weeks to as old as 12.

  • STEM Club Toy Subscription (ages 2-12+ years)

    Amazon toy experts will pick age-appropriate science, technology, engineering, and math toys for your child. You can choose to have a box delivered every month or every two, or three months, and you can select the age range for your child to be sure the toys sent are appropriate for them. STEM toys explore electricity, dinosaur fossils, math concepts, and more.

    STEM Club Toy Subscription

  • Amazon Prime Book Box (baby-12 years)

    You'll get either two hardcover books or four board books in each shipment depending on the age range you select. Fill out a profile, and then choose whether you want a box sent every month or every two or three months. You can preview and select the book titles want, or let each box be a surprise! Each book box contains a mix of new and classic children's books.

    Prime Book Box

  • Bitsbox - Coding Subscription Box For Kids (ages 6-12)

    Get kids coding by first seeing examples of coding, then progressing to inventing their own apps, video games, simulations, and more. Kits come with a grownup guide to help your child with each project. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer that runs a current web browser, such as Chrome or Safari.

    Bitsbox - Coding Subscription Box

  • Little Passports Early Explorers (3-5 years)

    Your first package contains an orange suitcase, a wall map, souvenirs, activity booklets, stickers to decorate the suitcase, and letters from Max, Mia, and their dog, Toby – your new pen pals. Each consecutive package will contain messages from them and information about a variety of themes as they travel the world – from space to oceans to art and more.

    Little Passports Early Explorers - Subscription Box

  • Green Kid Crafts (2-10+ years)

    Every month, your child's box will contain materials for as many as five experiments and art projects that encourage STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math) learning. Choose from the Junior Box for younger children or the Discovery Box for older kids. All products are nontoxic, recyclable, and sustainable naturally. You'll also get a Green Kid Magazine with each box that has more information, stories, experiments and crafts to try, plus a reading guide in case your child wants to learn more about each theme.

    Green Kid Crafts - STEAM Subscription Discovery Box

  • Raddish – Kids Cooking (4-14+ years)

    Your child will get a different cooking kit with a different theme each month. The box will come with step-by-step recipe guides (laminated, in case they get food on them!), kitchen tools, lessons, and skill guides for cooking the dishes, plus a complete grocery list with any dietary modifications your family might need. Younger kids can use the kit with their parents, while older kids can create meals on their own. Boxes also contain conversation starters and patches your child can collect and add to their apron.

    Raddish - Kids Cooking Subscription Box

  • Candy Club – Delicious Premium Candies (older children only – choking hazard)

    For a special treat, try the old-fashioned candies in these subscription boxes with your child you can choose from a mostly sweet or mostly sour selection.

    Candy Club - Delicious Premium Candies Subscription Box

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