11 toys that will last for years

11 toys that will last for years

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  • Tired of seeing your kids get disappointed by toys that break or need new batteries a few days after they're opened? Here's a list of classic toys that endure. They will grow with your child and can even be passed down to other children.

  • Lego/Duplo Blocks

    There's a reason everyone seems to have these! They last forever – my mom still pulls mine out for my children to play with when we visit. Not only are they durable; they also grow with your children. These also make excellent STEM toys.

    LEGO DUPLO My First Bricks

  • Maple Wood Kids Building Blocks by Hape

    Quality wooden toys last a long time, and even look nice as part of your decor. This is another wonderful engineering gift that grows with your kids as they build more complex structures.

    Maple Wood Kids Building Blocks by Hape

  • Fisher-Price Little People

    Little People last for years and years: Ours survived all four of my kids, which I can't say for every toy. The farm is a classic, with animal noises, a hatching chick, and songs that play. We also bring out our Little People Nativity Set every year, and even though my kids think they're too old to play with it ... they do.

    Fisher-Price Little People Farm Playset

  • Hot Wheels

    They're a classic for a reason – these things are indestructible. We've found Hot Wheels sitting outside after a winter filled with snow and rain – and after a little cleaning, they're as good as new! As kids age, the cars still look nice when displayed as a collection on a wall or a dresser.

    Hot Wheels 9-Car Gift Pack

  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Puzzles

    Just like wooden blocks, wooden puzzles are super sturdy and last a long time – if you can just keep track of the pieces.

    Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Puzzle

  • Perplexus Original

    This game is great for kids ages 8 and up – including grown-ups! One of the big selling points for me is that everything is contained in the ball ... which means there are no small pieces to lose or batteries to replace. There are 100 challenging barriers in the game, so it's different almost every time you try it.

    Perplexus Original

  • Magna-Tiles

    These magnetic building sets allow kids to create flat or 3-D structures, and their geometric shapes encourage those STEM brain cells to get to work!

    Magna-Tiles Magnetic Building Tiles

  • Little Tykes Cozy Coupe

    This is another indestructible toy – there's a reason you see them at almost every daycare and preschool! They offer kids hours of fun – pushing them, riding them, and using them to "drive" their stuffed animals and dolls around.

    Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

  • Step2 Play Kitchen

    We know children love to mimic the adults in their lives, and this is a wonderful, safe way they can do that when you can't supervise them in the actual kitchen. It inspires hours of pretend play, and maybe if they practice doing dishes in the toy sink, they'll grow up wanting to do real dishes, right? (We can dream.)

    Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen

  • Rubber Ball

    You can roll it back and forth with small children and play handball or kickball with older kids – a rubber ball is a simple, versatile toy that never goes out of style and ensures that everyone gets outside for some exercise!

    Fitness Factor Red Rubber Playground Ball

  • Uno

    As soon as they're able to identify colors, kids can play this card game. Don't be afraid to start out letting everyone show their cards and helping them match up numbers and colors until they get the hang of it. But once they do, watch out! Family card game night can get pretty intense ... in a good way. For extra fun, insist the winner do a ridiculous dance at the end of the game – it's silly when they're preschoolers and downright hilarious when they're teens.

    Mattel UNO Original Playing Card Game

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