7 best play kitchens your budding chef will love

7 best play kitchens your budding chef will love

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  • Play kitchens are a great way to encourage imaginative play for your little ones. Pretend cooking is fun, educational, and just a great way to stay busy. My little one loves to "cook" me breakfast each morning, and while he's doing that, I can actually finish a cup of coffee while it's still hot. Any mom knows the value of that! Since there are so many play kitchen sets out there, I sorted, reviewed, and categorized the lot into a list of my favorites.

  • Best Retro Style

    KidKraft is a beloved brand among parents when it comes to play kitchens, and for good reason — they are authentic, well made and kids love them. We have this same retro style in our house. It also comes in blue, pink, white, and red. We bought it for our son when he was about 10 months old, and it’s still going strong as one of his favorite toys at age 3. The knobs turn and click, there’s lots of storage for play food, and there's even a "phone" to call for takeout in case dinner ends up scorched!

    KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

  • Best Compact

    A play kitchen will be a slight investment in space, but if that’s a challenge for you, there are smaller options. This set is fairly small – it's less than 19 inches tall ­– but it delivers a lot. It's all wood, the knobs turn, the oven door opens, and it comes with a pot, a pan, and utensils.

    Pikido Kids Mini Toy Kitchen Set

  • Best Tabletop

    This tabletop set is another space-saver. The design is authentic, the knobs turn, and it even has an overhead rack for pots and pans. The tabletop design means it can easily be moved around the house, and the small size means you can take it with you on road trips to the grandparents’ house.

    FAO Schwarz Tabletop Stove Playset

  • Best Lights and Sounds

    If you’re looking for a more realistic cooking experience, this is the kitchen playset for your child. The burners bubble, sizzle and light up, and it includes a pod-style coffee maker. There’s also a built-in food and water dish for beloved stuffed animals, and storage bins for fruits and veggies. Also included is a 45-piece accessory set.

    Step2 Fun With Friends Kitchen

  • Best Accessories

    This has everything and the kitchen sink (literally). For starters, it’s utterly stylish and mimics the look of a high-end kitchen. Little chefs can make popcorn and smoothies with special attachments on the stovetop that activate the sounds and movements of the toy blender and popcorn maker. And you’ll never need to hit the farmer’s market again, thanks to a whopping 78-piece accessory set.

    Step2 Elegant Edge Play Kitchen

  • Best Corner Set

    Another way to utilize space efficiently is with a corner kitchen. This version includes a realistic-sounding ice maker and burners, plus a curtained kitchen window. For even more imaginative play fun, this set includes a washing machine and comes complete with a “granite” countertop.

    KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen

  • Best Indoor/Outdoor

    If you're looking for sturdy outdoor toys, this kitchen set will serve you well in any weather. You can keep it indoors for the winter and bring it out in spring — it even has a barbecue so your little one can host a Fourth of July cookout! It’s big enough for several kids to play with at once, and has an eating station so little cooks can pretend to enjoy the fruits of their labor when the grilling and cooking is done.

    Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

  • Best Food Truck

    Your kids will love to "hit the road" with this stylish food truck that's sure to attract some friendly customers with its colorful fare and a built-in car stereo equipped with an educational playlist. Bonus: It has a recycling drop-off feature.

    Fisher Price Servin' up Fun Food Truck - French Edition

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